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AF400UK Ninja Air Fryer IN STOCK for collection from Monday 5th December at most Argos - £230

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Hey everyone.

Not a deal I know as price is RRP however I know these are a hot commodity and many Argos have stores have these in stock for collection from Monday 5th December, there are some with stock for immediate collection also.

Anyway hope this is useful to someone.
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    Overpriced, been £179 several times this year on Amazon and as low as £159.
    Inflation and costs to produce and supply.

    Unfortunately we don’t live in the same times.
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    One in Sainsbury's maypole for Sunday
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    They’re not even worth the money, nothing a £60 Philips Air Fryers doesn’t do
    Classic line from someone who has not tried the Ninja.
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    What’s happened to this site? I posted in the hope that people after one could get one. Your opinion on the price or whether they are any good is irrelevant. If people want one and are willing to pay the price then it is a deal to them. If not then move along nothing to see. Hope a few of you searching managed to grab one 🏼
    I have one of these but I do appreciate people's input, whether that's positive or negative. For a relatively expensive item I would like to hear people's opinion on it before purchasing. Especially considering it was well below £200 last year.
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    Available to collect from 3rd at my local argos
    48891659-Q3GwM.jpg (edited)
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    None near me🥲
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    None near me either unfortunately 😔
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    Why expired? In stock at all my local stores?
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    Same day delivery over here in West Yorkshire 🔥🔥

    Thankfully we got the Tower one for nearly half the price on BF.
    Received the Tower one yesterday. Glad I didn't try to hold out for the Ninja one now (edited)
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    None near me
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    Bedford has some
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    Before posting saying your local has stock. Log in and go through the checkout process to see if it actually lets you buy!
    I did. It does.

    I also checked the list of all stores and 90% had stock. (edited)
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    Nothing in the south though
    Bit of a generalisation, but agreed.
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    Not in stock anywhere.
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    I have both Tower and Ninja , I personally think my tower one is much better than the overpriced Ninja
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    I don't get these, we tried one for a few months and it was crap to be honest. It would cook one layer of food as expected but any more underneath was just hot and soggy, chips for example were a disaster.
    Not used this one but love my air fryer. Chips taste amazing. Put them in, cook, give a little shake half way through and they cook quick, crispy and evenly all over.
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    It's good but never worth £230 seems like everyone trying to cash in. All the star reviews always does it. Thousands post 5 stars then everyone else has to pay inflated prices. When will we all learn.?? I like mine but would never pay £230 for one I appreciate some people have plenty of cash and some have neighbours that they have to go one better but really, £230 for an air fryer and is not a great deal better than a £70 one. Sorry but cold for me.
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    Absolutely love mine. Gutted Evri "lost" the 2nd one I'd ordered (for my folks). I haven't used my oven since.
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    Instant brand £159 duo drawer on ideal world
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    Nowhere near me but might be useful, collection today in Kempston.48897370-vKkG5.jpg
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