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Vodafone Red Entertainment SIM only 25GB with Entertainment £25 / 12mth - Cashback via redemption
05/02/2019Expires on 05/02/2019Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
25GB Vodafone Red Entertainment SIM only. -Unlimited mins and texts with 25GB data -Global Roaming Plus so can use in USA, Aus etc. -500 mins to call UK to EU -Either Spotify Premi… Read more
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Claim form hassle aside this is a cracking deal and of course we know why they make you mail in the form. Have some heat!


Nothing wrong with Vodafone or redemption, just finished one myself, but posting a claim form? What century is this!


Sorry got confused by some of the other comments. Thanks for clarifying.


The deal is with Affordable Mobiles. do have cashback deals but only £17.50/month for 50GB with entertainment package.


@steffangl where's the £25 Quidco / TCB? Both sites seem to class SIM only contracts as a separate cashback rate of £10.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Black (30GB Data/Unlimited Mins/Txts/EE/£33pm/£179 Upfront) £971 @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Go through topcashback for £40.40 taking total cost to £930.60. Now I know this is nowhere near as good as the black friday deals, and I know affordable mobiles aren't the most … Read more

I got this phone through an upgrade on Sunday with Three. £49 per month unlimited data/mins/txts if it helps anyone. They waived the £49 upfront payment also. Loving the phone so far.


Another option for those interested in a MAX plan instead (lower upfront cost, £40 more in total over a period of 24 months) Advantages: Lower upfront cost, MAX plan instead (additional roaming countries, theoretically faster speeds, BT sport, 6 mth Apple music) Disadvantages: Less overall data allowance (20gb vs 40gb) Also chance of TCB @ £31.50


Game changer, as is the 3 finger screen grab on the mix 3. 8) :{


It is one knuckle screenshot and two knuckle tap screen record on the mate 20 pro. Very handy. 8)


I'd wait for p30 too, plenty of things wrong with this model. Look at the #Gluegate on twitter, about to send back my second faulty handset

Mclaren Edition Oneplus 6t 10GB RAM £43pm 45gb data EE Essential / Unltd mins / texts £1'032 @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
I have my wooly hat, puffer jacket, and gloves on, so am more than prepared for the chill.... But, im posting it anyway, as it represents a good price I'm my eyes. 25gb data on E… Read more

Hot imo.


Normally there's more business when there's less frustrated customers (We all have to undergo credit checks, not everyone passes though)


It called business...


Yep, that was crazy time. Still, some people got fantastic deals, others were frustrated (It's called life)


On black friday they couldn't give Iphone Xs Max with Vodafone contract.

Huawei mate 20 Black EE Essential 9GB Data £28pm + BT Sport (3m) Apple Music (6m) £672 @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Unable to find this on the affordable mobiles site, so link is below, if you can find it, then there is quite a bit of topcashback to be had as well Anyway.... Thought this was … Read more

There's plenty of posts on photography forums that agree with what I've said. I'm not even the only person on this thread with that opinion. I'm definitely not a Samsung fan boy I change my phone every 3 months or so and have no particular affinity to any brand. I'd agree that the low light performance on the Huawei is good but night sight on the pixel is even better. Ans Samsung are launching a night mode this month which I'm sure will be just as good - it's only software post processing after all. I don't really care what paid reviewers say or think (or you for that matter). I'd rather use products myself and make my own judgement. As a photographer I'm pretty well placed to for my own opinion. Inn my experience the Huawei is ok if you want an eye catching shot to post on social media. If you want a natural looking shot with accurate colour representation then the pixel wins hands down. Closely followed by s9+/note 9 and iPhone X. The bottom line is photography is subjective and if you're happy with what you've got that's grand. We can all have our own opinion in what is best.


No worries, I've had Samsungs for years. The Huawei is way better.


The low light photo is amazing TBF. I'll have a read of the link now, thank you.


This was from my mate 20 Pro last week...


Your the only person on the whole net to say one over the other... Samsung fan boy much, every single website I have been on sways more towards the mate 20 Pro vs the note 9 overall and that includes the camera which also favours the mate 20 Pro... Let me guess you know more than the whole Internet (lol) One last week on the mate 20 Pro in low light.

Huawei P20 Pro. EE Max tarrif. 8GB data & unlimited calls. £30 month. No upfront fee @ Affordable Mobiles
26/01/2019Expires on 26/01/2019Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
The 8GB is not the essential tarrif. This is the Max EE tarrif that gives you the fastest 4g speeds of all providers. However the max plans are very pricey compared to other plans.… Read more
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I daint have any problems with my mate 20 apart from my original handset was from the first batch and had green screen but my replacement is perfect


Yeah. Was just pointing out the LG is not better than this. Wouldn't trust an LG phone as far as I could throw it anyway... Mate 20 Pro is a different ballpark but it also has its problems.


Is this website trustworthy? I've not heard of it before and the last thing I want is to get scammed.


"+ £144 Cashback by Redemption" Can't remember what other site did this year's ago but it was a f###### pain in the a##


You do realise theres a mate 20 pro that's better than the p20 pro right ? But the p20 pro is still a phenomenal device. I got rid of my galaxy s9 for a p20 pro and I'd never go back to Samsung now with their dreadful battery life

P20 pro on EE with 30gb, no upfront cost £33 at Affordable Mobiles £792
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
I can't find it cheaper. £33 with no upfront cost, 24 month contract and next day delivery.
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This really isn't a deal anymore - both A1 & MPD (with their various sub-brands) have been running it since August, when I got it - was a deal then. OK now, but not hot IMHO. Great phone, but seriously we must be nuts paying £500+++ for phones.


I got one of these in the O2 deal, paid £396 outright and get a free tablet in 2 weeks. I'm loving every aspect of android over iOS and this phone is amazing.


I've had Huawei phones now for over 3 years and to be honest I am really impressed with them. My son has an S9 but tbh I prefer my older nexus 6p


I can't decide between this, the honor 10 and Samsung s9. The latter 2 are cheaper but I really want a better camera so cannot decide if its worth the extra for me?


Stuck between this or bit extra for mate 20 pro....

Google Pixel 3 64GB Black on EE Max - Unlimited mins and texts, 20GB Data with ZERO upfront £38pm (24mo- £912)w/ code at affordable mobiles
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Thought this was a pretty decent offering considering the zero upfront costs, and 20GB of data on a EE Max Plan. Beaides the full 4G speeds, you'll be getting 6 months Apple Musi… Read more



O2 it was.


Good deal, who was that with? EE?


Similar to what I took out for a family member but 150 for handset and 33 a month with no cashback. Decent on the whole after missing black Friday deals.


Not bad, but a quick glance at suggests an o2 plan with 15gb works out at the equivalent of 36 a month (34 a month + 50 upfront). 866 total cost. For EE this is cheap, but if you can afford to be flexible with network not the cheapest I’d suggest. I didn’t include the potential 25 Quidco there either.

Huawei P20 Pro - EE 24 month (New)  Unlimited calls and texts, 30GB 4g data for £33 a month plus some extras @ Affordable mobiles
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
I have been keeping my eye out for a good deal on EE for the Huawei P20 when I came across this for new contracts ( I'm just finishing my other and don't care about a new number et… Read more

i wish i never purchased now... not for the deal but for the sheer lack of customer service from affordable mobiles. gonna try and cancel


Yeah my partner for the P20 Pro (no upfront cost) 90GB data with Vodafone for £21.50 per month.


So since looking at this I've seen this same deal at various sites which makes me want to find something even better still 🙈


The first deal if you put the upfront cost on to the monthly payments works out 41.20 a month and the 2nd works out 37.24... and for an extra 70gb of data thats pretty good... but personally wouldnt use even 10gb never mind 100gb, so this wee plan at 31.25(after topcashbacks added on per month) isnt bad for now with no upfront cost :)


Yes, looks like you missed all the good deals from Black Friday. I am using p20 pro nearly 6 months now and undoubtedly it's the best phone I have ever used. Can't find any fault with it apart from the annoying headphone port..

iPhone XS Max 256Go £63pm no upfront cost @ Affordable Mobiles. Total Cost - £1,512
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Might turn cold very quickly but I thought it’s a good deal and wanted to share it. It doesn’t say when it expires. Makes it £10.95 pm for 30GO/unlimited texts and calls. Here is … Read more

Terrible company no email returns no twitter reply’s and on hold for over 80 mins many times never will I use them again


No. My mistake that was for the 64gb version


Ordered oneplus 6T from affordable mobiles last Friday, 80gb data and year's free Spotify. 36 a month with. No upfront cost and 240 cashback paid in 99 days no bills or receipts required. My dealings with them (so far) have been pretty smooth.


Hi, the cost of the phone is 1249, here the total is 63x24months= 1512. So the contract is 263 more than the cost of the phone which makes it 10.95pm. Hope this clarifies.


Is that for 256?

iPhone SE 32GB,4GB data £19pm 24 months unlimited mins / texts £456 @ Affordable mobiles
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
Seen this today seems like a great deal.... iPhone se 32GB 4GB data Unlimited call & data (the norm nowadays I know) £19pm £40 Quidco. £19 x 24 = £456 Minus cost of phone £249… Read more

Online.... You'll need to take out a refresh contract but then call up to pay the phone balance and cancel the airtime under the 14 day cooling off period


Is this in-store or online?


Regarding the "£6.90 for 4GB data plan is a great price!!!" Plusnet currently offer do 30 day rolling with 4.5GB for £9.50 a month (3GB for £7.50) - ok not as cheap, but you can most probably save on the iPhone SE (or select a different handset...) and can cancel whenever, no tie in, no reliance on cashback that isn't guaranteed etc.


You can usually get them from O2 ‘like new’ for not much more than £100 which still comes with 12 months warranty


Carphone Warehouse are selling them sim free for £239 without looking and they're never the cheapest.

Huawei P20 FREE with 24m Vodafone rental at £36/£20.75 after auto cashback 100GB 4G Xmins and texts - £864 @
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Lots of similar deals seen recently, couldn't see if this one had been posted already. Cyber Monday has been a let down but need a new contract so saw this and it looks decent. I… Read more

Scrub that just seen it p20 not the pro you have linked! Think must be expired as I still can't find this.. I got same deal with redemption with the p20 Pro so not sure this was a deal anyway


Where did u see it with auto cashback? I got this by redemption the last time it was advertised


Same here. Still waiting for an approval from Voda credit chk


Someone said that it's the way they clear a back log, cancelling rather than making people wait. But poor form in any case.


That does not explain all the cancellations due to "failed credit checks", when no credit checks were actually completed.

Iphone 8 64gb 80GB data vodafone unlimited mins / texts £37 p/m 24 months £888 @ Affordable mobiles
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Cheapest price pm I've seen
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Terrible company no email returns no twitter reply’s and on hold for over 80 mins many times never will I use them again


I used cash back deals some years ago but they were 1 or 2 payments. This is designed to try to get significant number of people not getting it right and avoiding to pay. Too much hassle for me I am afraid. Still probably one of the cheapest iPhone 8 you can get but make sure you setup reminders in calendars.


I ordered this but cancelled via email the next day after checking how the redemption worked, also my daughter changed her mind and now wants an iPhone 8 Plus which I’ve ordered (but stuck in the backlog) from MDP for £27pm (after online redemption


Yes over a period of 24 months. ''Tis a ball ache


It is a pain but you’re only posting 6 letters. You don’t need to send by special delivery either, just first class signed for should be fine.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Black/Blue/Lilac 100GB Data Vodafone £36pm - £864 @ Affordable mobiles
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Seems like a really good deal
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Just had confirmation that mine will be delivered tomorrow.


Mine has arrived today


I've also had an update, checks passed but awaiting stock by 6th December latest according to their customer services. I'm happy to wait considering the prices have jumped up by at least £20per month now (y) 🏻


No dispatch yet, only confirmation email that I have passed the Vodafone checks and I have been approved. The email said I would be notified when my phone was ready to leave, but did not give an estimated date of dispatch.


Have they confirmed your dispatch already?

iPhone XS with 100gb data Vodafone at £36pm / 24 mths + £166 Upfront - £1030 @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
iPhone XS at £36/month with £166 upfront. 100gb data, unlimited minutes and texts. 24 month contract. Overall payment £1030 whilst the phone itself costs £1000! So 100 GB data with… Read more
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Awaiting shipment! Horray!


Yh problem sorted now order is being processed


It’s been over a week and I haven’t had my order processed.. has anyone else had similar problems?


Just to let you know that I’ve got confirmation and mine is coming on Monday.


It seems I should be getting the same kind of response. But contacted Vodafone as affordable mobile is not answering my call. Vodafone CS confirmed they received the order notification and all clear from their end. Hopefully affordable mobile will have no excuse to reject my order. Perhaps you can try calling Vodafone as well and see if affordable guys are telling you the truth?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vodafone 80GB unlimited mins / texts £37 p/m 24 months - £888 @ Affordable mobiles - £258 Guaranteed Cashback
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Took this cashback deal out yesterday for my wife after her saying she didn't need this year's model. Looking at the specs, the battery is slightly weaker but there isn't a lot els… Read more

Go through topcashback of it pays out 42 pounds if you get the cashback right contracts 28 pounds a month if you manage to sell phone to cex for 406 quid you bring contract for a SIM only down to 9.33 for 100gb plus extras


Only 75 auto cashback though. Much more on the one they bank on you not claiming all of of course.

MullacABZ GmbH&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=116019&affiliateid=49483


This is 21.25 after cash back. Show me the Note 9 deal that is anywhere close.


If not cheaper

Huawei Mate 20 on Vodafone. 24 M @ £37 - 80gb/unltd mins + texts/Entertainment Bundle. Possible cashback at Affordable Mobiles. Pls read OP.
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Ok, please bear with me hear. Deal at face value: Huawei Mate 20 - 128gb/4gb (I suspect) Vodafone - £37 month/24 month contract for: 80gb 4g, unlimited mins and texts + entertainm… Read more

6Gb/128Gb but mine is a mate 20 pro. Don't know if mine is unlocked only tried with 2 Vodafone sims


Totally, probably won't be worth £160 more in 2 years, I personally don't count cashback as any cashback will be devoured quickly in my household by SWMBO so I look at them both as £37 a month, very specific to me I suppose lol I'm not criticizing, just another option for folks that look at the monthly cost over cashback. I haven't voted either way. BTW I have the Pro version and I'm paying £46 a month with no upfront or cashback, unlimited data is why mine is so expensive.


do you guys know if Mate 20 X will be available in UK?


I wholeheartedly agree the Pro is a better phone, but given the redemption cash back difference being £160 over the term, will the Pro really be worth that much more in 2 years time? I appreciate you'll have use of the better phone during the term too - camera etc.


Depends how you look at it, the Pro is a better phone and will have better resell value, I don't count cashback and both say £37 a month without cashback unless I'm getting mixed up, which is possible.

Vodafone SIM only deal £27 pm £19 with cashback via Affordable Mobiles - 25GB and free Entertainment £324  @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Vodafone Sim Only deal from Affordable Mobiles - £27 a month for 25GB, and Unlimited Calls/Texts. Includes Spotify or Now TV, Sky Sports Mobile or Amazon Prime Video. £96 Cashback… Read more
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The deals making the rounds from black Friday are still valid I think. Search for mate 20 pro and there should be many similar looking deals for the 80Gb data Voda with entertainment tariff. Seems massively backlogged though. Might not get it for a few days


Thanks for this, it's good to hear a different approach. I wasn't aware you can sell the phone from the other deals. After selling the phone and collecting cashback, price is really good. Any deal in particular you would recommend? Preferably one that has Vodafone entertainment package.


Nothing wrong with affordable mobiles or the redemption I think. The problem is that for about £6-7 more a month (including redemption and tcb) you can get high end iPhones and mate 20 pros with 80Gb of data. Will work out a lot cheaper once you've sold the phone if you really don't need it. To be honest, unless you're in the low 10s for your SIM only contact, it's never been worth it to go SIM only, as high end non-apple handsets always come heavily discounted on contract and my rule of thumb is, if you're paying about the price of your phone SIM free, as you do on contract, then you've got yourself a good deal. I think people are being particularly harsh today as the deals from the same site are just so stonking. I've also been offered the same (£19) direct from Voda on chat as well, no redemption required, although it was a retention deal.


Not everyone needs unlimited data, three had no entertainment subscription included and no 500 international minutes for people that need international minutes and not unlimited data. My only concern is that perhaps there's something wrong with affordable mobiles...


Black Friday, 3 had £20 pm unlimited data, txt and mins, with £70 Quidco. Worked out about £14.70 pm

Vodafone SIM Multi 10GB data unlimited mins / texts £17 p/m 12 months @ Affordable mobiles - £94 Cashback by Redemption £9.50 after Cashback
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Vodafone Red Extra 10GB Sim Only (12mths) Vodafone SIM Multi+ £90 Cashback by Redemption £9.50 Per Month £17 Before Cashback Further possible cashback of £25.25 from TCB … Read more

Why is that?


They are going to cancel your order soon, lol.