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Apple Iphone 11 125GB EE no upfront £46 a month (24mths) at Affordable Mobiles
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Apple Iphone 11 with 24month EE contract and 125GB. 24 months contract 46£ a month
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how did you get it?


i just got a new deal with ee iphone 11 pro 256gb with unlimited calls and text and 60 gb data 44pm


Sounds good what did you have to do to get this


just manage to get an ee retention deal, £44pm inc vat 60gb data and unlimited calls and text, iphone 11 pro 256gb


That's great for you, i tried Three in an sim only and here(close to London), it sucks in comparison to both EE and Vodaphone. However when i say EE is better than Three than that is based on a plethoria of researches rather than purely personal experience.

Samsung A71 with 100gb data on Three at Affordable Mobiles for £30pm (£720)
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
I've been looking for a new deal for a Samsung A71 as my current contract has just ended. Been looking for days and then this deal just popped up on affordable mobiles. 100gb data … Read more
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Thanks for this @cheryl.whitmore Seems like the best Three offer for this one so heat from me :)


O2 is rubbish in my area so avoided them I'd seen a 30gb for 21.25 after cashback, which would have done me but I checked and everyone near me said o2 signal isn't great


If you are okay with claiming cashback, and if O2 have service in your area, mobilephonesdirect have the A71 @£40 a month with 120gb of data per month, £384 to claim back, making a contract total of £576 (and then any Topcashback/Quidco etc.) You may also be able to save a few quid by trading-in your existing handset, although as always dyor.

60GB 5G Sim Only Vodafone Unltd Mins & Texts £20pm (12m) - £240 (£6.91 With Cashback - £132) and (£25 via quidco) @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
60GB 5G Sim Only On Vodafone With Unlimited Mins & Texts For £6.91 after cash back Synopsis Usual cost: £20 x 12= £240 £132 Redemption cash back In 4 installments directly i… Read more

Hope you get everything sorted out. I'm just about to leave Three, it's so bad. Did you give notice of leaving? I'm on a rolling contract, not sure when to give notice.


Did anyone that cancelled during cooling off period still get charged £20? I did :/ I contacted them and they said it would be sorted 12th June but not that convinced. And to make matters worse, Three who I transferred from have charged me £20 instead of the quoted £0.94 final bill.


Voda port number to three buy deal port from three your number.Simples.🦡


I did this before but can't remember how I did it. I'm already with Vodafone and my contract expires today. How do I keep my same number in all of this?


@tony70 you must have been lucky to get through to returns team. I did ask Affordable mobiles and they said would need to cancel through them but seems weird as contract is with Vodafone...

IPhone SE 64GB With 20GB EE Data + BT Sport (3m) + Apple TV £31pm - £744 (+ possible £168 Cashback by Redemption) @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
A good deal in my opinion with zero upfront, equivalent to £24. + a further £40 cashback possible via Quidco

Just clicked through to have a look, and this option comes up. 125GB data, less than £30per month after redemption. Seems like a good deal, albeit with strings attached. Still with EE


Anyone has experience with redemption cashbacks? Reliable ?


German league starts next week on bt sport. Prem back in June 11th


I am sure the lockdown won't last 2 years... hopefully :{


Offering free BT sport for 3 months when there's no live sport seems a little mean to me :/ ;)

60gb Sim only Vodafone £27pm / 12months (£13.50 after cashback) with Red Entertainment included at Affordable Mobiles
40° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Sim only deal on Vodafone, works out at effectively 13.50 a month after cash back, includes red entertainment too. Great deal in my opinion
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I called them up yesterday. Their cashback procedure requires bills to be submitted by post. Currently, due to the Coronavirus, they are accepting claims via email (as per FAQ on their website), but that'll probably revert back to postal claims when things get back to normal.


What's the process of cashback from Affordable mobiles? Can the bills be submitted online on their website? Or do we need to send them the bills by post?


How's the cashback process for affordable mobiles?


Thank you for your response (y) was looking for a pointer in the right direction tho mate 👀 if you don't mind thank you.


From deals that are posted on here.

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Vodafone Red SIMO 60 GB Data, Unlimited calls and texts £20pm (possible £54 cashbacK) @ Affordable Mobiles
42° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
After being disappointed by Smarty, I am looking now for a better provider. I found this plan on affordable mobiles: Vodafone Red, 60 GB Data, Unlimited Calls and Texts. £20 PM, £9… Read more
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Same deal £8.50 per month from with guaranteed cashback so cold dude

junk15 the same tariff £8.50 after cashback + quid Co £10


Got the same package but with £90 automatic cashback from No redemption needed


Didn't we have the same one for £7.50 effective posted by@mrswitch from a different website


Yes, this is it, I don't know why picked up the wrong one

Samsung S10 Green - 128GB - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts & 20GB Data for £31 per month, £0 upfront on EE @ Affordable Mobiles
-147° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Looking to get a new Samsung contract as my current S9 deal is coming to an end and this looks good for the price Any advice or better suggestions would be greatly appreciated, c… Read more

Hi Bally1986 Says 79.99 upfront. How did you bring the cost down to 0?


It is my understanding is that the Hauwei doesn't have SD slot?


Oh and Samsung's have a terrible battery now, thought the upgrade to S10 would sort it. Ive had good experience with a mid range Huawei phone tho. I would recommend checking them out. My entire household, always preferred the Samsungs for performance and battery life. However, after my S10 contract Im done with Samsung.


I personally upgraded to s10 about 6 months ago and factory wiped my s8 (gave to wife). I always keep my phones in cases & screen protectors from new so all my phones stay in pristine condition. S8 to s10 I would say I noticed a considerable difference in camera quality however, S8 in my opinion still very capable


Tbh, I think this deal is overpriced, I think you should hold fire. If I was in your shoes, I would go on a cheap sim only for a month, gives u plenty of time to find the "right" deal. Also if the s9 is playing up (in my opinion a very capable phone). You always have the option to backup all your data and then give your s9 a factory reset, it will be as good as new after that for atleast several months :). I just wiped a 7/8 year old Ipad recently, now its as good as new.

Three SIM only - 8gb Data - £8 per month / 12 months (£4 after cashback by redemption) - Total £96 at Affordable Mobiles
627° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
3 Sim only unlimited calls and text & 8GB for £8 per month + £48 cashback by redemption (£4 pm after cash back by online redemption) 12 months contract - www.affordablemobiles.… Read more

Mine shows £23 per month so rang up 3 customer services and pressed option to leave. Spoke with a CS agent who after confirming the deal on affordable mobiles webpage applied a £15 re-occuring credit on my bill and gave me a credit to clear the 1st months bill as compensation.


If anyone took up this £8 per month offer, please can you check your bill and report back what it shows? Mine still shows £23 per month, despite the earlier reports that they were aware and sorting it (confused) (mad) .


thamks, hopefully there won’t be any problem tomo (having clearly generated a random three PAC today)


Yes, as I said, you have to wait until the following day for the system to update before you can port back.


Have ported my old a Three# over to Asda mobile, requested a PAC from them immediately and its sent me a Three one, I didn’t follow your advice to wait a day for the system to update, hopefully it (Asda) will give me an Asda PAC tomo with no issues? Thanks for your help

Vodafone 5G Sim Only, Unlimited Mins & Txts, Unlimited 5G Uncapped Data (£33pm + £198 Cashback By Redemption) @ AffordableMobiles
228° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Decent deal on my opinion, if you're fine with redemption deals, then this may help you :) Unlimited max deal so no restrictions in speed Plus £198 Cashback. + a further £25… Read more

I should have said sorry/thanks for clarifying - I hope you realised that liking your post was meant to indicate that. Work hectic & I jumped to conclusions.


I wasn't being sarcastic in my first post, I was trying to relate it to the deal and couldnt


Possibly best to give folk the benefit of the doubt too - I was tight for time & trying to fire off a quick helpful post.


1. Yes, you can on any sim now (all networks must allow it - was a case of allow it before OFCOM forced them, off the back of an EU ruling - thanks to the person/people on here who told me) 2. I believe not - I thnk the before cashback price of the 'unlimited data + max speed + entertainment' plans is closer to £40.


Ah ok, prob best to quote a comment if you're replying to someone else they don't get a notification and it looks like you are making a general comment on the deal

Vodafone 12Mth sim - 60Gb ul Min/Texts, Red Ent (includes Spotify etc) effective £13.50pm after cash back claim) also poss £26.50 TCB
-108° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
I just signed up to this deal, for me its going to be effectively £1.30 pm (after Cashback £162), 12 months (Spotify worth (119.88) or can choose Amazon Prime Vid/NowTv/Sky Sports)… Read more
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On the Vodafone website. Prices have gone up this month. Its still quoting the pre-April 2020 monthly cost here, but I'm certain Vodafone will take £28/month


they didn't say how it would be paid in the email i got, but it has always been through cheque, so i assume thats not changed


Thnx. Someone said earlier it is through cheque.


thats how it looks , the cash back is split into 4 claims of £40.50 each


So you claim via email. And cashback via cheque?

EE SIM Only Unlimited Minutes, Texts and 100GB 4G Data - 18 Month Contract £20 Per Month (£12.50 with Redemption) Affordable Mobiles
521° Expired
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Affordable Mobiles EE SIM Only Unlimited Minutes, Texts and 100GB 4G Data - 18 Month Contract £20 Per Month, £12.50 Per Month with Cashback Redemption Cashback by redemption - c… Read more
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Last two contracts - cashback was paid within 90 days. *Buyer beware* - one mistake on these, and you loose any outstanding/remaining cashback. In order to make this work you need to be vigilant, and on top of the requirements. For my first contract - I lost 50% of the remaining cashback because I forgot to send the redemption in via recorded delivery. There was no way to ensure it reached them - and it was lost in the post.


How long does the cashback take to hit the bank account


Just received a txt message from EE: ”Great news! You'll now get double your data allowance for as long as you're on your current plan.“ Like others reported - originally, my EE account was showing only 50gb allowance. After this txt - it now shows the correct 100gb.


Just signed up to this deal they said for first 10 days it might say 50gb but you are on 100gb


Hi Libertas, Fairly quick process for you then? Do they coupons / letter give you any info or reminder on when you should claim? I was thinking that i would probably end up forgetting to claim (am a bit of a plonker like that).

Samsung Galaxy A80 128GB Smartphone - 3800mAh Battery - Rotating Camera - £309 Sim Free @ Affordable Mobiles
203° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Cheapest ever uk price iirc. Rotating Camera With an innovative rotating camera, Galaxy A80 can shoot your everyday snaps as well as your snazzy selfies. Its triple lens shooter … Read more

Same as in the oneplus 7t and the likes, I'd worry if it were under 3500


Nice work OP


Doesn't seem like a great battery


Hi, can someone confirm that this phone is a twin SIM please Thank you

Three Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 8GB for £8pm (£48 cashback via redemption - effective £4pm - 12m) via Affordable Mobiles
719° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Provided you don't mind the redemption aspect of this offer, £4 for an 8GB sim seems like an enticing offer. Thannkfully, Affordable Mobiles offer submission via e-mail, so it s… Read more

The advisor I spoke to was really helpful (UK bases) and went onto the affordable mobiles website and saw it with their own eyes. Raise a complaint if your not getting any joy. TBH it’s affordable mobiles fault so you could try contacting them. You can DM them via twitter or call them.


How did you get 3 to accept proof of what contract you should have been on? I’ve been backwards and forwards sending them emails with the package and price on, but they are refusing to accept this as proof. Any ideas as to what you used or how I can get proof of the £8 contract?


EVERYONE TAKE NOTE I've just contacted 'affordable mobiles' and also 'SKY Mobile'. Do not order your SIM in advance thinking your billing starts after activation ! They start billing from the day you receive the SIM (and they take into account postage time). So make sure you serve adequate notice 30 days generally to leave your present network provider. From July 1st 2019, by law all UK mobile phone customers can switch mobile phone provider by text message. This is known as Text to Switch. Text to Switch means that you can easily switch your mobile network without going through the hassle of talking to your current network. According to Ofcom, nearly a third of mobile customers who want to switch find it difficult to cancel their previous service, and report being frustrated by when their current provider tries to persuade them to stay. Text to Switch should significantly reduce this number in the future. This is known as Text to Switch. Text PAC (porting authorisation code) to 65075. Sending the text is free of charge. Your PAC code is the key to taking your current mobile number with you when you switch over to a new service provider. That’s it. You should get a text back with your PAC code within one minute. A PAC code is only valid for 30 days from when it’s issued - if it goes unused, you’ll need to request a new one. If you don’t want to transfer your number when you switch, you can ask for a STAC code instead. Assuming you are eligible, this will terminate your contract with your provider without keeping your number. To do this, text STAC to 75075. Re:


I was a new customer and affordable mobiles connected me to the wrong tariff so all 3 did was add a re-occurring credit to match the tariff I should have been put on in the first place. I will still have to claim the cash back through affordable mobiles as per their T’s & C’s.


I've been with 3 since 2015. Usually they have been very accommodating, but I could not better £9 per month for 8GB data / Unlimited Calls / Unlimited texts, even though the £8 for the same was advertised and available. Because of COVID-19, you're lucky if you get a good CS person to assist you. Did they match £48 cash-back? £15 recurring credit is excellent. How much were you paying and for what before renewing? I had to ask for my PAC code :-(

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro / Vodafone 2GB / £26 pm + £300 cashback at Affordable Mobiles + £40 cashback from Quidco
-113° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro / Vodafone 2GB / £26 pm + £300 cashback at Affordable Mobiles + £40 cashback from Quidco
£624 Free P&P Free
Cashback Deal, with Affordable Mobiles now accepting claims by email (owing to current situation re: Covid-19). Full specs here:… Read more
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That's a good deal after the redemption, heat 🔥

Samsung A71 no cashback contract - £12gb Data per Month - £24pm x 24m - £576@ Affordable Mobiles (Cashback and 12 Month Contracts Available)
-19° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Samsung A71 no cashback contract - £12gb Data per Month - £24pm x 24m - £576@ Affordable Mobiles (Cashback and 12 Month Contracts Available)
Hi, Either £19.25 per month (16GB of data) - £462, if you can be bothered with cashback or £24 per month (12GB data) - £576 for a 24 month contract. both unlimited minutes and te… Read more

Where can you find it cheaper without cashback? Or a similar phone for less? Or a better deal than the cashback one? Both deals seem to be the best available dependant on your options


Without the cashback this ain't worth it imo

EE Sim Only 20GB Data + Unlimited Minutes & Texts £22 p/m 12 months - £264 plus £175 cashback @ AffordableMobiles
92° Expired
Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
EE Sim Only 20GB Data + Unlimited Minutes & Texts £22 p/m 12 months - £264 plus £175 cashback @ AffordableMobiles
Found this 🔥 deal while browsing today You pay £22 pm and redeem a total cash back of £175 over the 12month period which comes down to just £7.42 (£89 for the whole ye… Read more

this deal is still active and the redemtion is online via email due coronavirus


Getting people to waste paper, good on you EE, keep up the great work.


Their normally EE extra expensive But after cash back a good deal, why don't all these companies give you a cheap deal then small cashback


Thanks! :)

immortan4jo dk why it was cold tho lol

Huawei P30 Pro £672 total/ 24m (£120 cashback claimable from Huawei) 16gb data. Unlimited mins and texts on EE @ Affordable Mobiles
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Huawei P30 Pro £672 total/ 24m (£120 cashback claimable from Huawei) 16gb data. Unlimited mins and texts on EE @ Affordable Mobiles
Huawei P30 Pro £28pm NO upfront. Scroll down and choose to HIDE redemption deals.
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Anyone think we'll have luck with the £40 topcashback on top of Huawei cShback?


Its a couple of posts above. Pretty simple, but you'll need to supply proof of purchase and IMEI etc


Got a link for the claim please?


Helpful reminder to those who received phone on the 18th March: Time to claim! Just put my claim through for the Huawei cashback... was very straighforward and received confirmation within a few minutes by txt.


Hi, yes I ordered my phone on the 17th and received it on the 18th. I can't claim the cashback until 14 days later which is the 31st but I still ordered it within the stated period of 28th Feb to 26th March :)

Huawei. P30. 8GB data & unlimited calls. £23 a month & no upfront cost. £100 cashback from Huawei With O2. £452 after CB@ affordable mobiles
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Huawei. P30. 8GB data & unlimited calls. £23 a month & no upfront cost. £100 cashback from Huawei With O2. £452 after CB@ affordable mobiles
Nice little offer this. Excellent mobile phone with near premium specs. Decent data at 8GB which should suffice most folks. Sensible £23 a month with no upfront fee. Also claim £10… Read more

You are indeed very correct. £100 too. Cheers crossbow (y)


@adamderak , isn't your deal missing the £100 Huawei cashback? Thought something was amiss here!


There can be complications sometimes, still worth doing just that


Buy phone, then ring and cancel airtime, not really difficult (y)


Apparently it's called " social distancing" seems nicer than isolation.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Cloud Blue 90GB data & unlimited calls EE £43 monthly & No upfront cost 24M total £1032 @ Affordable Mobiles
198° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Samsung Galaxy S20 Cloud Blue 90GB data & unlimited calls EE £43 monthly & No upfront cost 24M total £1032 @ Affordable Mobiles
Latest Samsung phone , huge 90GB data ( effectively unlimited for most people) and with the best mobile network for coverage and speed.

That's simply not enough mate


Signed, that is true, Androids in general have worst resale value - if one is to look for resale value, then iPhones are way to go I suppose.


Absolutely does not (confused) the s10 released at £800 (sim free) and a second hand one on ebay currently sells for £350.. After 18 months you would be looking at £200. You would be hard pressed to find anything else that depreciates in value so fast. However buying a brand new S10 now, would cost £630 total (even including 75GB data for 24 months) If you value the data/airtime at £20p/m thats only £150 for the handset - which you could easily sell for minimum £100 when the contract ends - obviously there are lots of reasons to buy the very latest phones .. but resale value is certainly not one of them


My friend just renewed with the 5g version on a 5g contract (60gb i think) with ee for £47. I think the 5g is cheaper than the 4g version on ee website right now?? Or it was couple days ago. Isnt this the 4g version?


Great saving. Not sure why we change so regularly. It's a trap we have all fallen into. Making the manufacturers richer. Free upgrade they suckered us in with before sim only was popular.