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iPhone Xs Max 64GB Gold Vodafone  100 gb data, roaming, unlmtd text/calls, 500 direct EU calls. Term £1713.99 @ Affordable Mobiles
30/11/2018Expires on 30/11/2018Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
Includes Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV and NOW TV Entertainment Pass, and the Iphone XS max in gold or silver. £63 per month and £201.99 upfront
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A very very good deal - superb value! Remortgaged the house and bought two!


Had any problem with the company? Cheers


Thank you. I wonder if it’s the company that makes it go cold as it’s a good deal for data amount.


"Affordable Mobiles" + £1713.99 in the same title/sentance :/


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.thanks very much for taking your time to share this deal with us today.looks like its a difficult start.these mobile phone posts are very difficult to get right.please do not let this put you off.just get straight onto the next.heat from me :)

Iphone xr 128gb **BEST DEAL** EE 20gb data , unlimited minutes / texts Upfront £215 - £38 p/m 24 months - £1127 @ Affordable mobiles
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
EE network, 20gb data , unlimited minutes, unlimited messages. Upfront £215. Apple music 6 months, Bt sport 6 months £1127.00 in total. £1127 - £799 iphone xr 128gb headset cost … Read more
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Good idea (y)


It’s because it is on EE max plan - best coverage, best speeds, can be used in USA, Australia etc., 6 months Apple Music and 24 months BT sport - that is what justifies the extra cost


Think so, after 3/6/12/24 free BT Sport trial or minimum plan term offer the charge is £5pm, to get EE free data you need the £10 Casting option. £5 option uses your EE plan data allowance. Max plan customers have BT Sport inclusion and can add the £10 casting/data option. Be aware people: The chEEky barstewards STILL want that^ £15pm for Sky BT Sport subscription customers so you can get inclusive BT Sport data with your non BT Sport inclusive EE’s a JOKE! A extra £5 seems fine, £10 comedy given you already are a BT Sport customer but £15 is as funny as Brexit being a good deal. edit: edited out posted deal as EE Max charges casting/data inclusion.


Pretty sure they give 3 months free TV casting too but otherwise to get it on the telly you’ll need to pay more (or possibly use a lightning to HDMI cable?)


This seems about average, not a great deal :/ Quick look on uswitch and o2 gives me 128gb XR with 15gb data per month - 240 up front and 34 p/m totalling 1056. get the 265gb XR with 335 up front and 34pm totalling 1151. Sorry - deal is average IMHO

Huawei P20 Pro with 30Gigs of Data on EE Essential for new contracts only - £33/month for 24 months (£792 total) @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Hey guys and girls, You might as well cold this one but I find it being a great deal! This phone usually retails for at least £500 and you can get it on a contract with EE through… Read more
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Sam voting a deal cold normally does it a world of good


Not going to comment about the deal value, but personally i'm very underwhelmed with the P20 Pro's camera (ie it's USP) - coming from a nexus 6 I'd have to say I massively prefer the N6's - even at 40mp the Huawei's doesn't stand up so well when pixel peeing, and that's saying nothing of the awful filters it applies in 'auto' mode, nor the fake software driven pro effects (such as aperture). The only thing I like more so far is light trails, and that's nothing more than a software implementation.


Using my brand new p20 pro right now that I ordered last night from affordable mobiles (mobiles direct also had the same deal) . Got it for £31 on ee for 20gb data and unlimited texts and calls. Tried to post the deal but couldn't find the link as I went through compare the market.


It is not data speed . It is priority on EE network. It only supports limited number of oversold connections. EE Essentials , Virgin and Plusnet are thrown off the network in preference to EE/BT max customers.


Hello again ;) I've been traveling and Virgin Mobile use same roaming as EE Essentially right? I'm in Greece this week and my Virgin Mobile 4g roaming has great speed. Also I'm in Athens, which i actually think has a higher population per square mile than London? Great connectivity roaming around on the way to the giant Naval base near here as well, and inside it. Seriously cannot complain. I mean as I said in the last thread a few months ago it improved GREATLY and I can't complain at all. 67.35Mbps roaming? That's damn good for any UK network. Also I was streaming Netflix HD tethered in Heathrow Lounge at peak just fine on my way here the other day. -edit Says Basildon because that's how UK Roaming work, connections VPN through a UK datacentrw. That's why you still get English search results/websites do t auto swap to local languages etc.

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Sim Free Nokia 8 Sirocco 128GB £329 delivered @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Cracker of a price for Sim free - £16 cheaper than the next best just now (Been a couple of price drops recently) You'll see the selection back under the main pic for choosing SIM … Read more

Yes, good phone, still bit overpriced for 1-year old model. Like bluejmc2005 said above, Nokia 8 gives you more bang for your buck right now.


6gb of ram and QI charging make this very attractive....


Wait 4 price 2 fall on/after BF


Pocophone has a slightly better cpu and gpu, bigger screen with a better screen to body ratio. Nokia has a better camera and probably a better build. Don't think the Nokia is worth this much more though.


I didn't think this had headphone jack... But I'm often wrong

Huawei mate 20 non pro. EE max 8GB , unlimited calls. £33 a month, no upfront fee - £792 @ Affordable Mobiles
07/01/2019Expires on 07/01/2019Found 7th NovFound 7th Nov
This is almost the top of the range mate 20. Spec wise not a huge difference to the the mate 20 pro. Retails at £699. This is a high end premium phone that has just been released.… Read more
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Did read prices were hiking up some phone contracts are more expensive than sky BT and virgin TV deals (lol)


Yes and no, the monthly price will stay the same (as long as you don't incur any extras!) until they increase the price in Spring (Sometime between March and May depending on provider). This link is from 2018 however it will happen in 2019 and beyond as well:




So if your bill is £31.99 it will stay that way obviously if you don't spend additional things


It's inclusive re it's included In the bill. You don't get charged an extra 20% on the monthly rates

Nokia 8 Sirocco 128GB - 4GB 4G Data / Unlim Mins & Texts £22pm x 24m - £528 Total @ Affordable Mobiles (3m BT Sport / 6m Apple Music)
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Can't see anything near this price on the Nokia 8 Sirocco Looks to be a decent set of specs and Android 9 Pie should be on it's way to it pretty soon. Includes 4GB 4G Data / Unlimi… Read more

Pixel or Samsung's S series is gold standard imo, but I wouldn't pay this kind of money for a used phone. Closer to the £200 line you've got Nokia 8 with similar specs, better value for money. If you want to spend £300-350, I might seek something like Huawei Mate10, P20/Pro, Pixel 2, S8, Note 8, S9, LG G7 or the like, they'll get to that price eventually - watch out for flagships on Black Friday


Not really worth doing that. A 4GB sim only is around £8 per month. £8 x 24 = £192 £192 + £349.99 = £541.99 Over 24 months = £22.58 So slightly more expensive and you have to shell out for the phone upfront. You need to work it out over 24 months cost wise to make it comparable. There’s no point working it out on a less time because you can cancel the sim only whenever you want as then you have a phone that can’t do anything as there’s no service on it and you’ll lose money when you sell it. I’d just take the 2 year plan with no upfront cost. (Well I wouldn’t as I don’t want that phone. But as deals go it’s good in my opinion)


Looks a great deal for the dollar


Blah.. price and spec, I'd likely be best heading to CEX for their two year second hand warranties and grab a Pixel 2 XL.. surely? :/ Tell me I'm wrong if I am.. I'm a bit lost with all these new phones haha

sylwright Phone&WT.z_BR=Nokia&WT.z_FT=Free Standing&WT.z_PC=11A1NB01A01&WT.srch=1&WT.z_MT=Affiliate&WT.z_RTM=PHG&WT.srch=1&WT.z_MT=genieshopping&WT.z_RTM=PHG&WT.z_CN=1101l4683&WT.z_AG=PPC&WT.z_AT=&WT.z_KW=genieshopping

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Huawei Mate 20 (Non Pro) On EE - Zero Upfront - 30GB Data - Unlimited Min/Txt - £33pm + BT Sports & Apple Music - £792 @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
This is the non pro version, retailing sim free for £699. First of all, if this deal is for you, then go through the cashback websites for £40 cashback. Then you pay Nowt upfront o… Read more

Sony xz1 compact?


There is a need for 4" or 5" phones still not everyone wants carpel tunnel from using such big phones. Makes me want to cry! I want a new phone but they are all so big, bring back an ickle phone for people that can't use the bigger ones!


I get well over 100Mbps despite being on this tariff.


According to stuff the mate 20 Pro clinches it. With this being the lower spec mate 20, I'd say on a par? :/


It's still a stellar phone. I've had mine about 4 months. Still finding things to do with the camera! Managed to bag the max plan with it too 📸😁

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - EE Max Plan 20GB, unlimited mins / texts  £38 (24mths) £169 upfront - £1081 total at Affordable Mobiles
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
There's also a possible £40 Quidco / £40.40 Topcashback. Seems the best overall deal for a Max Plan with a good amount of data. Includes BT Sport and roaming in USA, Canada, Mexic… Read more
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They just called me. Stock issues The guy said it could be 2-3 weeks for Twilight version. I took a refund as I'd prefer unlocked and dual SIM over the 'freebies. Oneplus 6T coming in that time frame...


Affordable Mobiles said that although most phones are network locked this might not be...I'll wait and see and cancel / return if not. Stock now saying could be 2-3 weeks for new orders


Yeah, some ebay sellers offer unlocking on phones under 6 months though


Just looking on that font of all knowledge, the internet... I think they're locked for 6 months (flirt) (mad)


I have gone via that route before but it seems a lot of the sellers are now differentiating pricing on phones in first 6 months of contract and also say allow up to 10 days.. I already have the faffing around with porting number to another network PAYG and back again. Hopefully the phone will turn up unlocked...

Huawei Mate 20 Black -Unltd Texts, Unltd Minutes & 30gb data on ee Pre-order. £33 pm with no upfront cost  £792 @
Found 23rd OctFound 23rd Oct
Been looking for decent deals for both the Huawei mate 20 pro and mate 20 before release on Friday and came across this for the standard mate 20. Also potentially £40 cash back v… Read more

He's just trolling, he feels the need to put a negative comment in every post he visits for some reason.


Not sure what you mean? Ee essential plan is 60mb max whereas the Ee max Plan is top Speen 90mb?


Cold for EE Essentials plan. All the headline making data in your account but no no data when you need it . If it was EE max would have voted hot.


Ah sorry, apologies, i am subscribed to all the Huawei Mate threads and assumed this was a Pro one


I don't think it is..... Looking deeper into reviews think only pro has wireless. Also some reviews are saying not available in UK? So would this get update support.

Vodafone Red Entertainment 20GB SIM ONLY for £20pm x 12mths (£12pm after Cashback). From
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Expired due to it actually being a red extra plan rather than a red entertainment. Apologies to anyone taking this deal, when something is too good to be true it probably is , i… Read more

That sounds like a result 😁 (y) well done for sticking with it. I still haven't called yet so might do in the morning....


Got there in the end. As they haven't got the 20GB package they're honouring the deal with the 50GB one, but I'll be having to pay Vodafone the full amount and then Affordable Mobiles will be giving me a double cashback


Bunch of cowboys


Turns out that there is no contract with Vodafone, despite Affordable Mobiles dispatching the Simcard and confirming that the contract has been formed.


Hmmm no email but order status now says.... Please Call: Order Paused Your order has been paused because we need to speak with you. Please call us 0345 413 6299* so we can process your order as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB on EE, 30 GB Data, Unlimited text & Minutes @ / Uswitch - £33pm x 24 months = £792
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB on EE, 30 GB Data, Unlimited text & Minutes in Black, Blue & Lilac. The phone is free and delivered within 24 hours. The deal is via U-Switch which s… Read more
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I've done the same, referred them to the link in OP's post via the call centre, the guy took a bit to check with his manager but he applied the offer to my upgrade. Good service from EE. Cheers @markafrobarry & @james.lumley , very happy with the deal.


Got this for the wife last week. Also had no upfront cost saving another £60. Don't rely on Saturday delivery though. We had a message on the Friday night from CW saying it'll be delivered Monday when no one was home. Tried to rebook for another Saturday and not available at all.


Carphone warehouse Samsung Galaxy s9 on O2 network 15 gb data with unlimited min and text 34 / month With 75 cashback from quidco. Is this deal good ?


I found this deal online and tried upgrading my iPhone 6s on EE chat, the advisor would only offer me the deal at £38. I then rang EE and tried again and they accepted the deal at £33. I didn’t want the hassle of cancelling and setting up a new contract so I managed to get EE to just upgrade me on the deal instead. Great offer, fed up of iPhones lack of storage and battery life problems.


Deal looks good. Anyone know if it's a dual sim phone?

Iphone 8 - £38 a month on EE Max Plan - 20GB data, ult mins and text - NO UPFRONT COST £912 @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
I am currently up for renewal with EE and they are not giving me any deals. I have Just seen this deal on affordable mobiles, seems to be a decent deal as it come with BT sport f… Read more

I thought current iPhones already had wireless charging? (Noted they weren’t the inventors)


Yes, but that’s rather the point isn’t it. The CPU in the iPhone 7 (A10) holds its own against the latest Snapdragon 845 very well. The latest OnePlus is a nice phone, and costs around £469. So you bought a phone around 18 months ago that is only now being matched in terms or specs by the Android phones coming now. I’d say you received very good value indeed! Understandably you might be able to state, correctly, that cameras are a bit better in the newest phones, etc. And you’d be correct, time marches on. But the camera in the iPhone 7 is still very good, and would have been one of the best when you bought it


You can get the same/similar specs for a £300 android phone (Moto G, OnePlus etc). There are also phones with better cameras than iPhones


Out of interest why do you upgrade every single year? The jump in tech for just one year wouldn’t normally be enough to justify moving up, no matter what the platform


I’m sorry, still confused. For the time the iPhone 7 was a performance beast, heck it is still faster or on par with most new Android handsets shipping today. Even now the camera offers good quality, etc. For the price you paid I cannot fathom why you’d be unhappy

Huawei P20 Pro £33 p/m EE 30GB data, 24 months £792 + 6 Months Apple Music & 3 Months BT Sport @ Affordable Mobiles
Refreshed 10th SepRefreshed 10th Sep
Affordable mobiles offering the Huawei P20 Pro on EE with 30gb data, unlimited calls and texts for £33.00 a month, adding up to £792, barely more than the phone is worth alone. EE … Read more
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Just checked and TCB has been paid already, so only took a month or so and has been completed. Would definitely go through same company again


Same as last two comments for me. I got this deal and it went perfectly. Only thing I haven't had yet is confirmed TCB but that's just a bonus if it comes through


I done over the phone with them and got phone next day. Can't say one bad word about them.


Affordable are fine, if they have stock. From my experience website doesn’t always reflect actual stock so worth calling them just the check. I’ve used them and sister company buymobiles and would recommend.


This deal or a similar one is now up. Just wondering if anybody ordered and if so did they have any issues? I read a lot of bad reviews about affordablemobiles online

Huawei Mate 10 Pro - Three 128GB 4GB data, £25 p/m 24 months (£19.17 p/m after cashback) @ Affordable mobiles
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Three mobile contract includes Unlimited Text and Minutes with 4GB of data. Phone usually retails around £500+. To summarise you'll be paying £25 per month, with £140 cashback, t… Read more

This deal is also available in the variant of: Same allowance - 4GB/month £22/month Zero upfront £55 auto-cashback. I've just ordered it :-) (Going through topcashback the same deal was £25/month)


Like viaopup says about going through Quidco, the same thing happens when going via Top Cashback. Looks like you can't have the Affordable Mobile's cashback, combined with either Quidco or Top Cashback. So you can't have your cake and eat it.

westarmy The mate 10 pro


Tempted...which is better p20 lite this?


Edit: Cashback tracked through TCB - £31.50. Therefore bringing it down to £429.50 I really don't get why this is really going cold :/ It comes through your bank account within 99 days. Last time it took about two weeks for me.

P20 pro 30gb £33pm 24 months - £792 at Affordable Mobiles
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Sawe deal going hot for 20gb for £31 and thought this may be of benefit as it's an extra 10gb for £2.
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Why is this cold? Awesome deal surely?


Cold - I got it from with Vodafone network - Unlt Minutes and Messages + 20GB Data = £31.

Deedie also offer the same deal. when you click on the deal button for the post earlier today its below the £31 tariff. unlimited minutes and texts, on ee.

EE Sim Only - 10GB, Unlimited Calls + Mins £20pm / 12mths + £84 Cashback via Redemption
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug £13 per month through cash-back from redemption down from £20 per … Read more

Why has this gone grey. It seems to be still available???


£13 per month through cash-back from redemption down from £20 per month. Using, you can claim another £26.25. Making the overall cost £10.81 per month! Affordable mobiles arent on topcashback.


Go onto quidco app, look under EE sim only and click on offers.


Do You have a link?


You can get 20gb with unlimited mins and texts for £20 A month and £75 cashback with quidco.

Huawei P20 Pro on EE - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 20GB Data £31pm 0 upfront with code (£744 total contract) PLUS free Huawei Freebud Earphones (Worth £149) @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
Decent over via Affordable Mobiles if you are still after a P20 Pro. Been using one for a couple of months and the camera still surprises me with how good it is. The phone is £49.… Read more

Back working now!


Expired? Showing call to order, so no code option.


Ordered - thanks OP!


I just got one from them mobiles. Co. UK and its unlocked twilight


I buy one from mobiles. Co. UK twilight and is locked

EE Max Plan 8GB and Free P20 Lite Black £30 p/m 24 months - £724 /  £19.75 PM after Cashback and 42 TCB! @ Affordable mobiles
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
We need a cheap Max Plan deal fro 3 month visit to OZ and this caught my eye. IS THIS THE BEST MAX.PLAN CONTRACT ??? Wanted the Pixel deal of 6 months ago but nothing even close… Read more
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Boost is owned by Telstra...and has the same network coverage. So, there really is no need to consider the Telstra price. Boost is all that you need in Straya


Or by way of further comparison, if you want to go on PAYG with the best Australian mobile network (Telstra), you'd pay £33/month and get 10GB, unlimited minutes and texts, and unlimited minutes to the UK.

yadiyada $40AUD gives 15GB per month, free Apple streaming, unlimted calls back to the UK. Can be cancelled at any time. Much better than the thing you're considering above.


Thanks good tip . Never heard of boost I'll have a look thank you


You would be much better off just getting a BOOST Mobile sim when you get to Australia. It uses the full Telstra network, so you can use it in the Outback etc. Whereas Three has massively throttled speeds and doesn't use the full Telstra network. (I say all this from experience with a Three sim and Boost ;) )

Huawei Mate 10 Pro - Three -£25pm no Upfront -  Unlimited Min and Texts - 4gb internet (Term - £600) @ Affordable Mobiles
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Seems like a good deal for this handset Enjoy an amazing smartphone experience from Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro. Boasting market-leading technology and features that will blow your mind.… Read more

Yeah, just redemption jobbies with more data. Im aware people do not like redemption deals, but they do make these deals cheaper.


Do you remember what that deal was... i had seen one earlier on here for £24.5 but that was a cash back by redemption.


Does anyone know if this is the dual sim version?


Good deal if you want a contract, have seen better on this particular handset, but have voted hot (y)