Afro Samurai for £14.00 Instore @ Tesco

Afro Samurai for £14.00 Instore @ Tesco

Found 1st Sep 2009
"Set in a futuristic, yet feudal Japan, this story follows a samurai named Afro after his hair. Afro has set out to try and avenge his father's murder by a man named Justice. Justice murdered Afro's father to claim the 'Number One' headband, giving himself the chance to rule the world with powers akin to a god. The only one allowed to challenge Number One is the person with the 'Number

Two' headband, but unfortunately for Afro, the current owner of the headband, anybody and everybody can, and does, challenge Number Two. But never fear, as this new title includes brand new material and background for fans of the series and newcomers alike to enjoy." - Amazon

Cheapest online is I could find is £16.84 at Amazon but I found this in the Arena Park Tesco Extra by the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

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