Afro Samurai (PS3) for £9.99 Delivered + Quidco at!!!

Afro Samurai (PS3) for £9.99 Delivered + Quidco at!!!


£9.49 with RAC code. Cheers OP :thumbsup:

anyone played it?
cheap price but watched a video and it looked quite repetative but most games are these days.

Anyone know what it's like in terms of a system, I noticed in the video it said "level up" and I like things like that, pondering buying it just not sure if I will enjoy.

no PS3 Trophies in this game but a good price

They can forget it. Trophies in a 2009, lucky they slipped through the net but means I'll never buy it whatever the price.


Expired i think.

oh well the fast expiration has chosen my decision :P
+ read a review on ign, and it sounded good from the first half of the review, then the 2nd half made it sound bad.

Excellent game on the 360, I would buy it.
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