After Burner Climax PSN Code £6.49 @ Game

After Burner Climax PSN Code £6.49 @ Game

LocalFound 2nd Oct 2016
As some of you may know, After Burner Climax was taken down from PSN and Xbox Live back in December of 2014 due to the license running out for the planes in the game.

Currently buying a download code is the only way to download the game.

I'm not sure if more GAME stores will have the codes, but my local GAME had around 7 or 8. I imagine it will be a case by case basis. The game isn't for sale on the GAME website, as it was removed when the game went down, so getting the game instore is the only way.

Before you ask me, I did not notice if they had any download codes for Xbox 360. Maybe some codes exist, but I've only ever seen PSN codes show up on this site.
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Heat because it's a good game and I know it's not on psn anymore
Heated, unfair cold votes.
Fantastic game, it has an amazing sense of speed with lovely looking graphics and maintains that magic arcade feel of the Yu Suzuki original. Highly recommend playing it.

Burning hot!
Nothing around here, would be grateful if someone picked one up I could buy.
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