Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
Afternoon Tea for Two at Patisserie Valerie - Nationwide - £9.50pp £19 (Usually £25) @ Groupon
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Afternoon Tea for Two at Patisserie Valerie - Nationwide - £9.50pp £19 (Usually £25) @ Groupon

Posted 27th Jul 2017

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I think there's something special about going out for afternoon - I've only been to Patisserie Valerie once, and it was such a treat!

With this offer you can enjoy Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie for only £9.50p.p ! Or, for an extra £3 each, you can upgrade to a sparkling cream tea with some prosecco!

**Afternoon tea menu: **

  • Savoury: cucumber on white bread | smoked salmon and cream cheese on brown bread | egg mayonnaise and cress on brown bread | ham, spinach and mustard on white bread | chicken, pesto and sunblazed tomatoes on brown bread | mini vegetable quiche
  • Patisserie: one mini Victoria sandwich | two mini chocolate éclairs | one slice of mini carrot and walnut cake | one slice of mini mixed berry mousse | one slice of mini double chocolate mousse
  • Scones: two fruit scones | two plain scones served with strawberry jam, raspberry jam and clotted cream
Prosecco option valid only at: Aberdeen | Birmingham Resorts World | Bradford | Chester | Glasgow Royal Exchange | Glasgow West Nile | Hove | Lincoln | Nottingham Royal Exchange

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Where does £8pp come from?
This has been an ongoing offer for ages, but it is a great afternoon tea,as I had it in London with my daughter when I went to visit.

Let's hope there's a Groupon for maths lessons
mrdeallover7 m ago

Let's hope there's a Groupon for maths lessons

I'm an idiot.
is this not how much it should be? pot of tea and some cakes 19£ lol
Done this offer. Reasonable by comparison with similar offers, but expensive for what they bring you.
Thank you. Just ordered for my mum's birthday.
Don't expect a fully-fledged tiered affair. Make sure you have something ready to eat later for your dinner as what's given's pretty much a tea plate affair.
Doesn't seem anything special to me, can get a lovely cream tea for 2 for £10 in many nice cafes.
Where's the bacon rolls? X)
Hard to find afternoon tea near me so thanks for posting this , will keep the misses happy
Have done this quite a few times (the last time was yesterday, actually) and it's quite good value for money, although it's a pity you can't use Groupon codes for it.


You do know Liptons not real tea right? It's pretend tea consumed overseas
I took some Canadian friends to the Nottingham one last week. I think it's worth the money. Some codes do work, just trial and error. I thought it was worth the money. You can have a range of teas (my friend wanted to try earl grey and it was there first chance they could) and the rest was tasty.

Let's hope there's a Groupon for maths lessons

Good evening brother, I see u in Uganda in zee bank, perhaps u send me ur 16 card number and I buys you tea at patiseries Valeries?
Have a check of your local on TripAdvisor their afternoon tea is quiet poor. Not made on site and they don't get many in each day and you can't book. There are many better ones out there than PV. If it was the cake and coffee / tea deal then that's a different story
This is about the price it should be, had Patisserie Valerie not hiked it up to such a stupid price that nobody in their right mind would buy it without using Groupon.

This was once a fine patisserie, until the owners got greedy and decided expansion at any cost was the best financial policy in order to sell off the chain. It's now distinctly mediocre at best, and downright awful at worst.

Druckers Vienna Patisserie sells the same cakes at lower prices (all part of the same company) but they're both grossly overpriced for very mediocre food.
winchman7 h, 39 m ago

Doesn't seem anything special to me, can get a lovely cream tea for 2 for …Doesn't seem anything special to me, can get a lovely cream tea for 2 for £10 in many nice cafes.

Cream tea and afternoon tea are different things, amigo!
This is a con. Its never been £25. Always has been £19.

This is a con. Its never been £25. Always has been £19.

​I went to my local and it was £25 on the menu
Went last time for their high tea. Love the ambience and food were tasty too. Don't forget TCB.

£5 for new groupon customer, 8% for existing
Been before, it wasn't the best...
Gave it some heat for the deal, but have to say the only time I've been there the tea was absolutely AWFUL. Almost made me ill.
Do you get everything in the picture or you choose one sandwich, one cake and one scone.
One of the worst afternoon tea experiences. Dried out sandwiches, scones were ok, not the best cakes. Went to Bham branch on groupon offer.
you have to turn up and hope they haven't run out of the "pre-packed" and pre-prepared afternoon tea. if they have run out tough luck and try another day (unless its the last day on your coupon)
I have taken advantage of this and it wasn't great.The tea was fine but the sandwiches were fairly tasteless.Scone was fine but the pastries were not very nice.Artificial tasting and unpleasant aftertaste.Wouldn't recommend.We went to the
Twickenham Pat Val.
There is always a PV afternoon tea deal out there and as others have said they come in prepacked and there are better ones out there that's for sure, probably on the same groupon pages. If they ever do the coffee and cake then that's worth it, this or the scone offer just walk on by.
Edited by: "eslick" 27th Jul 2017
This is nearly always on groupon, we have used it twice, first time was ok, second time was poor, wont be going again. there are much better options for afternoon tea out there, this was in Norwich
Edited by: "jukie" 28th Jul 2017
When I went they ran out of clotted cream so got me some more out the back... it was frozen! So they offered me squirt cream instead confused not quite what I was expecting lol
It's not worth the money. It's nice but tiny tiny cakes and 1 sandwich cut into 4 little strips
I can only see...£19 from £25.
PV have been doing Groupon deals for some years now.

I'm sure at the start it was hand made sandwiches and any cake from the cabinet with a cup of tea/coffee. ie very tasty and good value.

Now its prepacked and tastes awful and not as good value. The Wyevale/Groupon afternoon tea is much better. Prepacked cakes which taste okay but hand made sarnie and large scones.
I've been to the Maidstone branch several times and each time has been exceptional. Lovely sandwiches & cakes. Staff very attentive, can't fault them. Alot of the time Groupon do an extra 15% off discount code, which makes it even more of a bargain.
Edited by: "staycihenry" 28th Jul 2017
This offer is good, like any offer in that you get a discount. However, in terms of afternoon tea, the ones done at various garden centres are better and better still when they are on offer. Wyevale Garden Centres do a good afternoon tea and we were given it once as a present when it was on Groupon offer. It's definitely better than the Valerie Patisserie one.
It's one of the best afternoon teas on the high street, especially with this offer. There is so much lovely food, a good balance of savoury and sweet. Can't wait to go again!
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