Agarest: Generations Of War PS3 £11.93 delivered @ Price Minister (gzoop)

Agarest: Generations Of War PS3 £11.93 delivered @ Price Minister (gzoop)

Found 8th May 2010
Agarest: Generation of War is an RPG with a twist - playing as the leading man, you get to choose your heroine with whom to breed the next generation of legendary heroes with. This is done using the unique "Soul Breed" system that allows you to marry a suitable partner and create heroes that take stats from both parents. By the 5th generation you could have quite the powerful band of heroes! And you'll need as many powerful warriors as you can get, because the forces of darkness are once again awakening to destroy the world of Agarest, just like the terrible war raged at the dawn of time between the Gods of Light and Gods of Darkness. You are the key to sending this indescribable evil back from whence it came. Featuring an epic storyline, spanning multiple chapters and generations and hundreds of different creatures, how you play the game will determine whether you are a follower of Light or Darkness. Battles are initiated via an innovative turn-based system that calls for strategy as well as strength. Build the ultimate heroes (or villains) and master Extra Skills, Special Arts and Over Kills to take on the biggest and most brutal enemies head-on! It's time to breed like a hero - the fate of the world depends on it!

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