Age of Conan For PC *Standard Edition* - £2.49 Delivered @ Amazon
Age of Conan For PC *Standard Edition* - £2.49 Delivered @ Amazon

Age of Conan For PC *Standard Edition* - £2.49 Delivered @ Amazon

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Game on 2 DVD's
Full colour 72 page manual
Buddy Card
30 days free play


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Gamespot gives it 8.5/10

Didn't age of Conan shut down the servers?

I had this at launch, is it still overpriced and bugged to hell? (Something like £12 per month)

I also got this launch day.

It was 9.99 a month? It wasnt very good imo anyway, but at 2.79, worth a shot for a month to someone!


I been looking on here forums... there compalining that not enough people on the server.... I think its in trouble

The game is dead.

Yep. good deal for the price of the game but completely pointless as they actually will shut down all servers in about a year if the population keeps declining the way it is atm

Its a good mmorpg but its just not going anywhere, as others say the player population isn't really high enough atm to keep the game open for another year. The player population is still in its thousands so you will always find somebody to pvp or quest with but thats only because they merged servers.. now player population drops more & more each week.

The game itself is probally the best graphics on any mmorpg (until terra is out), pvp is really good..
This vid always makes me laugh:


They will prob relaunch it as free to play, as a few others have done recently.
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