Age of Conan (PC) £7.99 @ Amazon

Age of Conan (PC) £7.99 @ Amazon

Found 30th Dec 2009
Not seen it posted on the forum yet and cheapest I've seen so far.

Game on 2 DVD's
Full colour 72 page manual
Buddy Card
30 days free play

Manufacturer's Description:
Set in the later years of Conans life, after he has famously become king by his own hand, the game centers around the fragile state of Conans rule in Aquilonia. Surrounded by enemies and hostile nations, Conans rule hangs by a thread and in the end, its up to players, either singly or backed by their guilds to turn the tide for or against the embattled king.

Massively Multiplayer Gaming for the Adult Player
One of the most highly anticipated MMORPGs in recent years due to the strength and familiarity of the Conan franchise across a variety of major media, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is the first of several releases planned for the franchise, all of which are aimed at an adult audience. Firmly rooted in the savage, bloody, violent and sexy Hyborian universe, players can expect a graphically beautiful game blended with gritty gameplay that is true to both the barbarian hero from Howards writings and the Schwarzenegger influenced version from books, movies and comics.




Same price on atm.

It may be quiet if you buy it too ... everyone I know who bought it upon release left within a month ...

Too many empty promises and a haf finished game

It may have changed now, but i wouldn't go back even if they paid my subs !
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