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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Xbox Series X and S) Coming to Game Pass On Launch Day 31 January @ Xbox Store

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The game will be on GP on launch day - have fun with it

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of one of the most popular strategy games ever, now with stunning 4K Ultra HD graphics, and a fully remastered soundtrack. Age of Empires II: DE features “The Last Khans” with 3 new campaigns and 4 new Civilizations. Frequent updates include events, additional content, new game modes, and enhanced features with the recent addition of Co-Op mode!

Explore all the original Campaigns and the best-selling expansions like never before. With over 200 hours of gameplay and 1,000 years of human history, improved experiences await. Head online to challenge other players in your quest for world domination with 35 different Civilizations. You can also experience new Civilizations and Campaigns with the Lords of the West DLC! Recent updates include a Battle Royale game mode, ongoing support for the Scenario Editor, Quick Play for easy social games, enhancements to the game UI, and more!C

Hope it helps someone.
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    Yes yes YES!!!!!
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    I spent so long on this back in the day. Can't wait to go back
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    I put this up Saturday and admin merged it with another the PC thread
    Heat added as been waiting for this for ages though 😃
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    Very Nice.
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    Hello @matwalaboy This cover (Twitter official AOE) is better
    Nice one my friend - updated
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    Hope they do age of empires 3 too
    4 is coming by the end of the year so it would make sense to port the 3rd game too
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    I wonder if these will still work?
    rock on
    Come in ??!!??
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    Oooohhhhhhhhh I'm going to get so much wood.
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    I was really excited to see this coming to console. I really hope it lives up to my expectations.
    Can't see it being great with a controller. Hope it supports kb/m.
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    Can't wait for this !
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    Surely this is available on game pass for PC as well?
    49381163-0KTI4.jpgAlready there
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    I got excited reading this and then remembered I bought Civ 6 from an XBox store sale last summer and haven't even played it once. Are Civ and AOE similar, does anyone know? Last strategy game I played was Civ 3 on the pc - I've never knows such an addictive "just 10 more minutes" game!
    Civilization 6 is a lot more advanced than Age of Empires. Civ is good - but there's a lot to grasp and a lot of mechanics which aren't obvious in early playthroughs.
    Age of Empires on the other hand is much more streamlined. And my preferred option.
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    Is there a mouse and keyboard add on for series x I would love to play this again
    This game supports keyboard and mouse on Xbox Series X/S.

    ""For those players who are loyal to keyboard and mouse, we’ve ensured that those inputs are supported in the console version. We also considered the functionality Xbox players have come to expect from their games and so the game will include optional crossplay between platforms, allowing you to play with your friends on Xbox and on PC".

    Xbox Wire (edited)
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    Never seen to get these games on playstation
    Published by xbox game studios, why would you
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    Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition on Xbox Consoles - Launch Trailer
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