Agent provocateur 70% off sale
Agent provocateur 70% off sale

Agent provocateur 70% off sale

I think that there have been other sales in the not too distant past but this 70% sale is not in the HUKD history log.

I found this sale in a Virgin media banner ironically. They do some seriously saucy stuff which is very classy in places too. Ladies will love some of the more classical gear and men will probably wish that their other halves look like half of the models on the site. To be honest I don't care if this sale is any good, its just worth a gander on a Sunday afternoon.


yip this was on the other day! might of been 50% though! good stuff they have, quality and sexy! nice


right I'm off!! HOT


Eek those models must have a good waxer...

"flip"in' heck!

Philby, put a bigger picture up and we'll make this hot in no time!

Should be a health warning for old men like me, what with this and £2 chickens Hotdeals is lethal!!
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