Agent Provocateur Sale (Up to 75% off)

Agent Provocateur Sale (Up to 75% off)

Found 18th Jun 2015
Agent Provocateur are having a Sale with up to 75% off (Banner says 50%but I've found a number of items at 75% off). Really good quality stuff and always a bit sexy. They also have a handy 'Shop By Size' option. Some items I like the look of (prices shown are 'was' and 'now'):-
Margot Suspender £110 £30
Sandra French Knicker £145 £35
Momoko Bra £75 £40
Ariel Bra £125 £65
Sandra Bra £110 £35
Chrissy Babydoll £395 £65
Karen Thong £75 £25
Di-Di Bra £110 £55
Iyla Suspender £110 £30
Bobbie Brief £65 £30
Petunia Corset £395 £125
Abbey Basque £495 £95
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Edited by: "andywedge" 18th Jun 2015

Edited by: "andywedge" 18th Jun 2015

Edited by: "andywedge" 18th Jun 2015


For more pics, Ya know ...
Can we get a mod in here to spam this guy?

Can we get a mod in here to spam this guy?

Sorry busy right now
I was worried, we hadn't had one of these posts for ages......................
I'm changing my name by deed poll to Hugh Jardon.....
Pic 2, 3 and 10 are my faves...............
Pencil full of lead time and start sharpening.
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Holly Molly.....

I love how since it hit 100 degrees the AP website has crashed :-)
Lightheaded. What just happened?
HUKD. The modern equivalent of the Grattans catalogue
I love the tags!
On your marks...
The website has chucked it. Can't load much at all without it crashing. Might pop into the store tomorrow instead.


what a time to be alive
holy moly
ow andy. your such a rascal.
Holy hell, good job folks.... and the op

I dare you to give her a wedgy,wedge (_;)
Their website is awful. Has been for years during their sales. Seriously need to update it.
Catalogue soft porn! Remember this as a kid.
this take me back to my childhood when I used to smuggle the kays and grattan and littlewoods catalogues to my room hehe
(Tears the pages and pockets them) and says....MOVE ALONG NOTHING TO SEE HERE
Size 26 g-strings for missus not available, cold!
Ooofff phew its warm in ere innit!
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