Aigo A208 256mb MP3 Player **£5** !!!!!!!!!
Aigo A208 256mb MP3 Player **£5** !!!!!!!!!

Aigo A208 256mb MP3 Player **£5** !!!!!!!!!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£5
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Technical Details: DRM9 Compatable * Play secure downloaded music from the internet
Listen to MP3 & WMA * LCD screen * blue back light * Store any data
Voice record meetings and notes * 10 hours playback with 1*AAA battery
Ergonomic design * Scratch resistant glass


Hmm tis OK I suppose if you're buying something already, but add postage to this and it will cost you quite a lot more.

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Posted this yesterday when it was £6+ and it is pretty good for a filler to make the £14.94 free deliveryoption, or if you have a bunch of school kids to reward or something similar


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FYI you can pick up a 256 mp3 player from Asda / Asda Living for that price or cheaper (I can't remember if it was £4 or £5). Had a little screen, earphones etc - and you save on the postage by picking it up instore.

I dont really want to order anything else other than the mp3 player, but what if i add say GTA 4 for the xbox 360 (which isnt out till oct 2007) and get the free postage, then cancel the GTA order once the mp3 player has been dispatched

Could I do that?

or they may wait until gta4 comes out to post you the mp3 player

Check Asda, I'm pretty sure they have 256Mb mp3 players for £5

Can confirm Asda have similar ownbrand "Dual" 256mb players (lcd display, voice recorder) for £5.

I bought this player at 6.99. The packaging is much better than the Asda one. The bits (headphones etc) with it seem of good quality and the dispaly is better than my first 64mb player which costs me around £200 in 2002!
The only downpoint is it a)require a AAA battery b) seems qite bulky espcially compare to IPOD nano etc.

Anyway for a £5 why moan?

I don't think you can compare a 256 cheapy mp3 player to a £100 ipod nano!

Still for £5 I'd go for Asda if you're near one - no postage and hassle free replacement if there are any problems.
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