Aigo A208 2GB MP3 Player & Flat Panel Speaker system
Aigo A208 2GB MP3 Player & Flat Panel Speaker system

Aigo A208 2GB MP3 Player & Flat Panel Speaker system

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Bundle Deal - Aigo A208 2GB MP3 Player & Flat Panel Speaker system
+£2.99 delivery
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 1 Year RTB
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More Boffer rubbish.


More Boffer rubbish.


The reason I haven't unsubscribed from their news letter is that I'm hoping deep, deep down that one day they'll sell something that is an absolute bargain and not just car-boot sale fodder.


More Boffer rubbish.

That's not true the deals are great £11.98 is the cheapest you cant get on line.

Boffer bring us the cheapest prices!

You guys are not fair!

More boffer **** then. Big pockets were giving the mp3 players away in their bag of craps.

BTW, ive bought a few things from boffer and about half of them have gone back due to being faulty and the rest of it is usually bashed about or second hand.

Sems a fair enough deal here for the price.
Got a 1GB Aigo MP3 Player here and not had a problem with it.


Boffer bring us the cheapest prices!You guys are not fair!

Not true they had a camera on there yesterday that was more expensive than Ebuyer.

Considering the condition alot of people have received good in it should be half this price.

I find some of these comments unfair myself. Whilst agreeing this isn't a great Boffer, along with others, lets face it, its at the buyers discretion to ascertain what is and what isn't a good deal.

I have bought two Aigo Omnispheres, both mint condition for £20, three Lexar 2GB SD cards for £9.99 - retail boxed, mint condition, and three 2GB USB sticks for £9.99 OEM. All of which have been great bargains.

Original Poster

Before posting I did check quickly online for cheapest for this and got nowhere near (shops, ebay etc)
I too purchased 4 of those omnispheres,
and all were brilliant and working fine.
I suppose horses for courses and I have ordered 4 of these and if they suck I assure you I will post and accept the "I told you so" from you all.
Thanks for the comments good and bad ....

Original Poster

above missing link was eeeeeebay ... ooops sorry :oops:

I bought an Aigo Omnisphere too as a Christmas Present. Only a tenner. I'm very pleased with it. Most of the time I just have a quick glance and usually decide I don't need whatever it is their flogging. That's the problem with HotUKDeals, Boffer, and others... they make my buy stuff I don't need just coz its a bargain!
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