AIMOmeter M300 - 2000 Counts £4 delivered @ Lightinthebox

AIMOmeter M300 - 2000 Counts £4 delivered @ Lightinthebox

Found 26th Oct 2017
Seems really cheap for this one, not hugely knowledgeable about them, but from the ones I've been eyeing up £4 looks really good right now.

AC Voltage (V):200V/500V,±1.2%
DC Current (mA):200mA,±2.0%
DC Output(V): 2V,±0.5%,20V/200V/500V,±0.8%
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Looks quite reasonable as a 'disposable' spare.

Be aware these require a 12V gp-23A battery. I would imagine one is included but it doesn't say.
Looks like captive leads which are almost certainly too short with crap probes.
There are much better spec'd meters for around £10, so I'd really recommend spending a few quid more.

I've just bought a HOLDPEAK6000 off Amazon for £10.98, and it's more accurate than my old (uncalibrated) Fluke77,
it even came with a case and a temperature probe, and unusually it does 20A measurements.

I didn't do any research on it, I just wanted a random meter to throw in the glovebox and it looked OK

it's also CATIII,1000V which is theoretically better than this one's CATII,600V

Actually a £2 analogue meter from eBay might be more reliable choice than something relying on a chip to be working, but it depends what you intend using it for.
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