Ainsley Harriot World Kitchen Dinner Kit 0.97 p in Wilkinson 97p Shop

Ainsley Harriot World Kitchen Dinner Kit 0.97 p in Wilkinson 97p Shop

Found 6th Dec 2009
Two Dinner kits available in-store as a part of the "97p offer":

Moroccan Tagine
Lebanese Lamb Kofta

Got both about a week ago, in two different shops. Haven't found this offer online.
Nice and worth a try for that price.
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Maybe I'd been drunk the night before & mouth still tasted like i'd been licking a cat's backside, however, I had some of Ainsley's Cous-cous, & well never again on the cous cous,
..vile stuff, try his items when you are not trying to cook for anyone else in the house, so bad it reminded me of the ill feted & air filled Frankie dettori ice cream range, ..Naff chemical nastiness, , I mean how on earth can you ruin cous cous!?
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It's hard to discuss about likes and dislikes... I tried his couscous and it seems fine to me BUT I only tried the couscous and the Dinner Kits, nothing else.
I love the cous cous! - what do you get in these kits?
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Usually you get the spice mixture/stock mix/sauce products and noodles/rice/couscous - depending on the kit. You must buy the meat (chicken, porl, lamb mince etc) and one or two other ingredients like natural yoghurt for instance. The meal is very easy and quick to prepare.…ts/
They also have various ones of these in 99p Stores and B&M I think.
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