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Ainsley Harriott Cup Soups All Varieties - 2 for £1 @Sainsburys
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Ainsley Harriott Cup Soups All Varieties - 2 for £1 @Sainsburys

Posted 3rd Nov 2010
Good cup soup with some nice flavours, Includes the normal one's & the world kitchen.

Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen East Indian Mulligatawny 116g
Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen Moroccan Fusion With Cous Cous 86g
Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen Szechuan Hot & Sour 80g
Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen Southern Cajun Gumbo 94g
Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen Mexican Mixed Pepper & Chilli 92g
Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen Aromatic Thai Chicken & Lemongrass 92g
Ainsley Harriot Chicken & Leek Cup Soup 80g
Ainsley Harriot French Onion Cup Soup 108g
Ainsley Harriot Shropshire Pea Soup Cup 108g
Ainsley Harriot Tomato & Herb Cup Soup 104g
Ainsley Harriot Vegetable Chowder Cup Soup 100g
Ainsley Harriott Carrot & Coriander Cup Soup 104g
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Same offer at Asda too.
Hi I thought so too so checked the asda website and its not the same. In asda some are full price, some are 2 for £1 like sainsburys, and some are 4 for £2. So sainsburys is a much better deal at 2 for £1 accross the entire range.
49p per box in b&m

49p per box in b&m

Accross all varieties including the world kitchen range in a nationwide store? Its not that I don't like the price its very good but often when people post these comments about regional stores they don't actually stock the kind of range that the big supermarkets do. I can get 3 pots of super noodles to go in poundland for less than the price that the supermarkets charge for one but I can only get the curry flavour so its not that good. Just sayin.
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Morrisons currently got buy 2 get 2 free. I think they were 85p each. therefore £1.70 for 4 = hence less than Sainsburys - but that doesn't make Sainsburys a bad price.....just cheaper if you are near a Morrisons
12 online at Sainsbury's (Only 6 instore Angel Islington)
9 online at Asda (all 9 instore Old Kent Road, London)

Not however a really great brand name as he puts his name to anything and everything just it appears to make money. Sad reflection of the times we live in.
Discovered this buy 2 for a quid deal by accident when scanning 3 boxes at a self service till (it wasn't advertised on the shelf) so had to dash back to the shelf to get a 4th. Haven't tasted any yet but I hear the East Indian Mulligatawny is very good although they all sound intruiging - Szechuan Hot & Sour and Mexican Mixed Pepper & Chilli will make a nice change to the run of the mill Bachelor varieties (which are on a 2 for £1.50 deal at the mo BTW).
Does anyone know where I can buy Ainsleys Carrot and Coriander soup, tried all the main supermarkets in Coventry but cannot find it? Has it been discontinued?
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