Air Conditioning at ALDI - £49.99

Air Conditioning at ALDI - £49.99

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LocalFound 7th Aug 2009
Reduced down to 49.99 at Banbury store. Plenty of stock there, not sure if nationwide deal.

Imagine they are getting rid of excess stock due to the non existent summer!

The link says something about 1300w but instore it is listed as 2700w so still a fairly powerful air con

Dehumidifies at 1.7L an hour, Wish i bought this instead of the dehumidifier I spent £90 on last year and does 0.5L an hour!
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So online it says £149.99 but instore (@banbury) its £49.99. Is this correct?
bargain! I'll try the Leeds store after work
Just for info... if it is 2700w (as the OP states was listed in store), then that makes this a 9000BTUs Unit. Powerful enough for an average sized room.

To determine your requirements: Measure the room to find its square footage (multiply length x width) It's in Square Feet because I'm old School! ;-)

There are quite a few variables to consider such as the number of windows, number of people that will be in the room, which direction the room is facing, ceiling height, etc. But here's a rough guide to the size of Air Conditioning Unit (AC), required for the size of room you have.

We'll start with the 'Area To Be Cooled' which as I have mentioned, I have set out in Square Feet. So... If the Area to be Cooled = 350' to 400' then the AC Unit required would be a 9,000BTU. And the pattern repeats... If your room is 400' to 450' then you require a 10,000BTU AC Unit. 450' to 550' = 12,000BTU.500' to 700' = 14,000BTU.700' to 1,000' = 18,000BTU.

As I say, this is a rough guide and there are many variables to consider, some of which I have mentioned above, but this gives you the 'at least' BTU Unit that you require. If there are variables such as large windows and/or a lot of people in the room, then obviously the BTU's need to be increased. Go to the next unit size up if you do have large windows and/or those windows face toward the sun.

Hope that helps.
Says £149.99 online. Is this reduced from this price??

So online it says £149.99 but instore (@banbury) its £49.99. Is this c … So online it says £149.99 but instore (@banbury) its £49.99. Is this correct?

Yes, at the Banbury store it has been marked down twice, first to £99.99 then down to £49.99. They must have had about 20 in stock.

Says £149.99 online. Is this reduced from this price??

also says "Thursday Special Buys 1st May 2008" :w00t:
nothing in Leeds stores
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