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Posted 23 February 2023

Air Fryer Oven, Uten 10L Digital Air Fryers Oven, Smart Tabletop Oven with 12 Preset Menus, LED Touch Screen, 1500W £79.99 @ Amazon

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Special featureTemperature Control, Programmable
Product dimensions33D x 30W x 36H centimetres
ColourBlack, Stainless Steel
Capacity10 litres
MaterialTempered Glass
Recommended uses for productKitchen
[12 Modes] can choose to fry, bake, roast veggie, pork ribs, corn on the cob, cupcake, toast, pizza, fries, steak, fish, shrimp, reheat, chicken wings, chicken legs. Thanks to the hot air circulation system and The unique combination of perfect temperature and time allows you to cook food evenly and gently, so the outer surface is crisp and the inner layer is juicy and tender.
[Convenient and Efficient]: The clear LCD display has 12 pre-programmed programs, touch screen control, you can also manually set the temperature and preparation time by the knob. The circuit protection system can make the machine working process safer.When the body temperature is greater than 240-250 degrees Celsius, it will automatically enter the standby state.
[Meet Various Needs]: The capacity is 10L, which can provide healthy and low-fat dishes for many people! Very long selection interval: bread function 2 ~ 8min, defrost function 10 ~ 45min. Extremely wide temperature control range: 25 ~ 60 ℃ for defrosting, 80 ~ 200 ℃ for other cooking functions. It can almost meet your needs.
[Perfect Design]: 1. Built-in lighting which can be turned on or off to facilitate better observation of the cooking status of food. 2. The countdown will close automatically and there will be a reminder when it is about to end. 3. Removable double-layer heat-resistant tempered glass door can keep all the heat inside the device when cooking.
[Perfect Gift]: Uten electric cooker, bring delight to your family and friends. Uten is committed to providing quality products and customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will actively solve problems to satisfy customers.

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Uten air fryer, does an excellent job in the kitchen

  • The clever combination of deep fryer, oven and rotisserie spit cooks your favorite dishes with significantly less energy and fat than conventional appliances. With a timer function and touch display, it is easy to use and the large viewing window provides a better overview.
  • 12 recipes to choose from with a single click. Very easy to use and easy to use even for the elderly. Grilled food, vegetables, pork chops, corn on the cob, cakes, toast, pizza, french fries, steak, fish, shrimp, chicken legs and other delicacies can be enjoyed in no time at all.
  • For quick, healthy preparation + safety and convenience
  • Automatic switch-off, dishwasher-safe, large capacity of 10 litres, preheating and warming function, dishwasher-safe (BPA and PFOA-free), PDF recipe book, cool to touch housing and handle, inside and outside made of stainless steel, 306 ° high-speed convection.

"Not only can it hold a whole chicken!"

Product specifications

Weight of the deep fryer:
7.5 kg
Deep fryer capacity:
Power frequency:
50 / 60HZ

Overheating protection function

  • 1x hot air fryer
  • 1x instruction booklet
  • 1x PDF recipe
  • 1x drip tray,
  • 2x grid tray,
  • 1x rotating cage,
  • 1x fork,
  • 1x mounting clip

Although it states 'Smart Oven' it is NOT a Smart Home Device that runs via WIFI, Alexa, Google, Siri etc..

  • A. The filter in the air fryer is only used to filter the excess grease in the food, and the filter is removable. It is awrong way to use the food to pour out the food directly from the air fryer after the food is cooked.The correct way is: use the food clips to remove the food from the air fryer, or use the filter handle to removethe food and filter from the air fryer.
  • B. Do not start the air fryer without food in the air fryer.
  • C. When cleaning the basket and filter, customers must use a soft cleaning tool after the basket and filter arecooled to avoid damage to the non-stick layer.
  • D. The air fryer adopts a fast air circulation system, and the fan sound will work at full strength during use.
  • E. We indicate the size of the fryer on Amazon, because we cannot predict the size of the customer's kitchen.The customer thinks that the fryer is too large, maybe it is the wrong choice of the customer.
  • F. After the food is cooked, please use the food clip or take out the filter and the food together.
  • G. When there is no food in the basket, please turn off the air fryer.
  • H. Please cut off the power supply when it has not been used for a long time

More about Uten

Who are we?
Uten is a brand focused on kitchen supplies. We have a group of teammates who love food.(!?)

What is our goal?
Uten provide the use of various kitchen tools, and enjoy the joy of food to the fullest.

What is the difference between air fryer and air fryer oven?
An air fryer is a small countertop version of a convection oven. Air Fryers come in two models, either an air fryer basket or an air fryer oven. Both generally operate the same; the only difference is that the parts are in different places. Both will cook (air fry) your food the same.

"Enjoy the joy of food!"
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  1. justagirle2836's avatar
    I’ve got this it’s fab 🏻 I upgraded from the single basket air fryer this is far better - perfect chips in the basket rotating (edited)
  2. sim11's avatar
    @1500w and the outlay to buy it will take an awful long time to break evens on this, especially if cooking for a large family. (edited)
    _Achilles_'s avatar
    It doesn't constantly run at 1500w 🤦‍♂️
  3. JeanDeLaFontaine's avatar
    Bought and returned. Trying to stay away from the cheap Airfryers which are plasticky and use teflon on their trays. As they may not good for health. I will be opting for a full stainless one...the search goes on.
    Lucozade's avatar
    Do let me know if you find anything, i have the same health concerns!
  4. callumshell1's avatar
    I bought this last time it was on sale here and cannot for the life of me get chips to come out crispy. I've tried using both olive oil & rapeseed oil. Any tips?
    jocksteeluk's avatar
    Are you using raw potatoes or own chips/fries?
    regular oven chips/fries once pretty much cooked finish them at a higher temperature to crisp them up.
    For raw potatoes you can use a bit of cornflour to coat to help them dry out and go crispy when cooking.
  5. Seb_Clark's avatar
    Bought this last week - I refer to it as ‘the babe magnet’ and my wife would have left me if I hadn’t have been feeding her and the family so quickly all week! Haven’t tried the rotisserie just yet but will do Sunday if I’m not alone….be a pub lunch for me then.

    Buy the air fryer, it’s great!! (edited)
  6. Euripides's avatar
    Can anyone who owns this item confirm whether I’d be able to cook a whole chicken on the top tray, a bunch of veggies with muffins/cobs on the second and Pringles on the bottom like in the picture? Thanks.
    barneyb's avatar
    Cooked Pringles yum!
  7. fame's avatar
    Looks good
  8. banjomike's avatar
    Got this for £78 last time it was here and it is very good. I already use a halogen oven which actually uses less electricity than the air fryer but gets hotter (250 Vs 200 degrees), doesn't need preheating, and uses less electricity (1400w vs 1500w).
    Frostie5's avatar
    okay do you have a link for the better one
  9. bodolf's avatar
    Is this better than one like the gourmia from costco?
    Have a Phillips air fryer at the moment which need to be replaced now
    Tommy_Gunns's avatar
    I have the Costco one and it's amazing. When cooking a full chicken I need to get the extra small ones so they fit in one of the two drawers but apart from that it's been absolutely superb. Had it for about about 8 months now and its not let me down
  10. jpxdude's avatar
    Had this for ages, and gets daily usage. It's a nice upgrade over a basket fryer, absolutely fantastic for chicken wings.

    I've tried the rotisserie a couple times, and it is a bit on the small side to do it properly, and if the chicken isn't trussed up properly then it will touch/singe the element near the top. If you do it right though, it is pretty lush, chicken turns out extremely juicy and flavourful.
    Reality's avatar
    Could you fit a pizza or half a pizza in it?
  11. Joe_Biden's avatar
    air friedchips don't taste like oil fried unfortunately
    klaus.basingher's avatar
    but your arteries will rejoice... I think it does vary depending on which chips you buy as well but have not bought any for yonks so can't remember which are the good ones for grilling.
  12. sully01's avatar
  13. phermn's avatar
    We've had this for a year or so and no regrets. You can fit a whole small chicken if you chose carefully and truss it well. Turns out very well and juicy. Oven chips are excellent, fresh chips a bit of an art, but achievable. Also good for drying fruit, circuit boards and preheating items for painting! Throws a fair bit of hot air out the back though - heats up the kitchen!
  14. AL1S0N's avatar
    This does look like the daddy of air fryers but have to agree, it won't be cheap to run
    Frostie5's avatar
    huh isn't it half the watts of a regular oven and some air fryers are like 2000 watts etc so this is quite good no ?
  15. geb's avatar
    It seems to always be about the chips with an air fryer. It's like the only thing people want to cook in it. Puts me off every time.
    Tommy_Gunns's avatar
    I have one from Costco and barely use my oven anymore. Because it's a two tray thing it's not big enough large things however they are sooo much easier to clean. I pretty much do everything that I would have done in an oven via my air fryer, and have a pizza stone permanently in the main oven. Only things I've needed my oven for lately have been a leg of lamb or large pizzas. Chips do comes out great but I barely eat chips
  16. Snowflip's avatar
    I have a similar one and it’s fantastic but the glass door is a pain to clean. The vent slots near the main hinge are where food particles get stuck and you can’t remove the door.
    boosh71's avatar
    You can remove the door
  17. Zhi_Wing's avatar

    too small..

    cheers for posting OP gave heat regardless
  18. LAS00's avatar
    Did you know it can not only hold a whole chicken
  19. Karl_Redman's avatar
    Heat added OP grabbed one ,

    Blessings 💗 thanks for posting
  20. hartyp's avatar
    Had one of these for over a year and use it most days. Last weekend i actually cooked a full sunday roast with all the trimmings in less than 30 mins and came out the best one i have ever cooked. Well worth the money and easy to operate
  21. SamBx's avatar
    So to mek fries i av to put it in the cage thing but isnt it a bit fiddly? Like with my tower airfryer i jus throw it in the basket..and can use varying proportion..will this not let me mek alot of fries?
    whats_the_deal's avatar
    Irie Mon, bless up. Da best thing for I and I fe mek in dis machine dem be jerk chicken, every time, praise selassie I.
  22. Lucozade's avatar
    Are these cheaper than a 2000w to run, generally?
  23. gethefunk's avatar
    Also returned today as the smell from the unit was awful, chemical and has stunk the house out, tried to run it about 10 times and had the same problem every time, just my experience but not a good one as the house still stinks
    nasir_glasgow's avatar
    My costco fryer died.was.about to.orded those.one
  24. modelman's avatar
    Will this do a family of 4 quantity wise? If not and you have to cook twice, surely it wouldn't be cost effective vs a conventional fan oven.
's avatar