Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC Helicopter w/ Video Camera £58.49 Delivered @ WHSmith

Air Hogs Hawk Eye RC Helicopter w/ Video Camera £58.49 Delivered @ WHSmith

Found 5th Nov 2010Made hot 5th Nov 2010
Helicopters have got to be one of the coolest toys that you can play with as a full grown adult and not be ashamed of at all. This new Air Hogs Hawk Eye remote control helicopter is able to give you all of the fun of flying a helicopter around with none of the pain of emptying out your bank account.

Record up to 5 minutes of full colour video or hundreds of photos from the air! View and easily edit on your PC - no additional software required. The Hawk Eye features 4 way flight control and revolutionary Tail Lock technology for easy, stable flying. Suitable for indoor use.

Use Code: LAUNCH10 for this price.

Note: Not released until 9th December!


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Pretty cool

Video here

Thanks for the post Bez - any idea how robust are these likely to be?


Thanks for the post Bez - any idea how robust are these likely to be?

Watch the vid. He flies it about 40ft up then lets it plummet and it's fine. Then he takes it up that high again and it falls through a load of tree branches and it's fine. Quite astonishing.


Video resolution is 240 x 320

Which is probably why in the Youtube video posted above, the guy's video (from his head, lol) off a Digital Camera is the main screen in the video, with the helicopter's in a small corner screen, I imagine the heli-cam in 480p even on youtube would look blocky. Imagine those expecting to view it on their nice shiny 32" LCD or bigger lol.

It's a bloody camera in a £60 helicopter for crying out loud. What do you expect? Broadcast quality HD?


it's a cheap camera in a £10 helicopter

Infra red transmitter = failure. Would have been a LOT better with RF transmitter.

just need one with night vision or to see threw net curtains and i can join wahoooooooooo

Infra red transmitter is the let down here
the video from it looks ok though


It's only 2 channel, could have done with a tail rotor for better maneuverability.…WFw

Much more fun (also about 5 times the price, but hey!)

Surely it'd be better to get a cheap R/C helicopter and strap one of Deal Extremes cheapo cameras onto it - or would there be issues with balancing and stuff?

Need this to peep in the pool and window next door :))

If you want a quality indoor helicopter with proper 4 channel control then you need something like the e-Flite Blade mCX RTF model. This has good spare parts availability and good control and stability with proper 4 channel control using a DSM 2.4GHz radio. Available for about £60 to £80 from your local model shop. If you want to get into model helicopters then this is a good place to start.
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