AIR Hybrid 3 VST (+ expansions) £1 each @ Plugin Boutique

AIR Hybrid 3 VST (+ expansions) £1 each @ Plugin Boutique

Found 23rd Nov 2017
one of the best sounding VST's you'll find. Bargain deal!

The Next Generation in Synthesis

Hybrid 3.0 is the next generation in synthesis. This high-definition virtual synthesizer combines the coveted warmth of analog synths with a full range of futuristic digital manipulation capabilities. The result is the best of both worlds — a virtual instrument with a comprehensive set of precisely adjustable parameters that can sound like a synth you remember or something no one has ever heard before.

1200+ Built-In Sounds

Hybrid 3.0 comes with over 1,200 inspirational presets designed to jumpstart the creative process. Over 200 new patches, designed by the acclaimed AIR sound designers, include everything from wobbles, synth pads, arpeggios, poly synths, basses, leads, sequences, and much more. Hybrid veterans will be pleased to find that the familiar Hybrid 2.0 presets have been completely reworked, allowing users to experience their favorite sounds with all the sonic improvements of Hybrid 3.0. If you’re prone to tweaking, Hybrid 3.0 is loaded with a comprehensive set of user-adjustable parameters that let you create unique sounds and fine-tune them to taste. With support for two simultaneous parts (i.e. a powerful combination of two separate, 3-oscillator synthesizers), you can layer, split, or spread sounds to produce deep, complex, and wide patches. Plus, the simple patch browser makes it easy to find the preset you’re looking for and allows you to load two presets simultaneously, one into each part, for experimenting with rich timbres and playing multi-patch sounds.
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thanks, will get this!
Awesome, would imagine its aax too since it’s part of the Protools team.
I paid a tenner some months back.
£1 is an absolute bargain...
Great at its full price, no brainer for a quid. Every house should have one.
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