Air - Virgin Suicides CD £3.49 delivered @ HMV

Air - Virgin Suicides CD £3.49 delivered @ HMV

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The perfect companion for the subtle and delicate movie about the isolation and desperation of youth. This score from the French duo Air is a chilled-out, gentle and above all emotive collection of mostly instrumental pieces that is more in line with their Moon Safari album than a typical film score. They employ synths and backing beats to create a mood and a feeling within the film that permeates through the whole album and is a must have for any fans of Air's previous work. The score moves from one track to the other with beautiful elegance and grace and takes you through the emotional journey that occurs within the film. This is not just a great film score, but also a fantastic album from a really talented band.

* 1. Playground Love
* 2. Clouds Up
* 3. Bathroom Girl
* 4. Cemetary Party
* 5. Dark Messages
* 6. The Word 'Hurricane'
* 7. Dirty Trip
* 8. Highschool Lover
* 9. Afternoon Sister
* 10. Ghost Song
* 11. Empty House
* 12. Dead Bodies
* 13. Suicide Underground


Great, saw them when they toured this in Barcelona. Excellent stuff, one of my favourite albums.

Playground Love - one of my fave Air songs - Beautiful Album.

Bought this on Vinyl when I was in america a few years ago. The record store I was in was playing it and thats before I saw the film, so I bought it as it was an awesome dark thoughtful piece of work... A classic in every way

classic. Good find Mr Wedge. Gutted they arent doing the festivals this year...

One of my faves also :thumbsup:

Gone up slightly to £4.99 now.

Still great value at 4.99, fantastic album, i never saw the movie but have bought this 3-4 times (lost, stolen, given away etc)

Cant reccomend this album and AIR enough. My favorite band. Gutted I have not seen them live. :-(
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