Air wick Filter And Fresh - £4 instore @ Tesco

Air wick Filter And Fresh - £4 instore @ Tesco

Found 30th Jan 2015
Kilmarnock tesco just down from the coffee on other side
usual price 15.99

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Box looks damaged. I want to say that's reason for reduced sticker on package.

Unless there was more in the clearance Section.

Good deal if you get one. Got one of the Xmas scents in my room and it's really strong.
there were three more and this was the most damaged box,just about to test it
fully working and is superb
These are good but you will struggle to find the refills a lot of places have stopped stocking them. The only place I know of who has the is Wilko. Tesco by me discontinued them.
should be hackable?
available online at tesco,Amazon,eBay and wilko
These are hackable. After searching high and low for refills I discovered that you can pull the plastic insert that holds the wick out of the empty bottle, do the same with an air wick plug in, then empty the contents into the empty bottle and put the cap back on. It's really easy. Can start using this again :).
Don't forget to give the carbon filter a good blow to get rid of the dust.
Just for those of you that want to know, I have spoken with Airwick and they do not manufacture this unit item anymore. Airwick filter and fresh refills will only be available from companies that carry stock, once gone they will not be replaceable.
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