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Insane flight prices with AirAsia! -  flash sale! 5 million seats have been reduced
Found 11th Sep 2017Found 11th Sep 2017
Insane flight prices with AirAsia! - flash sale! 5 million seats have been reduced
Unbelievable flight prices with AirAsia flash sale! 5 million seats have been reduced. Baggage is an optional extra. Flights departing from Kuala Lumpur. This sale is for flight… Read more

Wow, you just love making stuff up it seems.


I didn't read him saying it was against the rules. Why are you so fiercely argumentative about this topic?


I would report it. If it is against the rules as you say? Let the Mod decide. I booked a flight from KUL to AUK for £128 ret on the off chance I can find a flight to KUL to tie in with it in the future.


No one said anything about being made in Britain. The deals should be available to UK residents. The "deal" is this posting primarily benefits Malaysian residents. UK residents only have access it if they travel 6,000 miles across the world to get it.


So only British goods and services allowed is that what you mean? Find me something (non-food)made in Britain that got hot on here and I'll eat my hat!

Pay £90 For a Month (!) of Flights on AirAsia
Found 1st Mar 2015Found 1st Mar 2015
Pay £90 For a Month (!) of Flights on AirAsia
I am heading to south asia this summer and was looking for couple of flights and just found out that Air Asia starts doing monthly passes around Southeast Asia. ASEAN Pass 10 cre… Read more

it's the return that costs!


Poor safety records


not really a deal - this has been talked about for months, not been live for a while though.. You can get the flights cheaper if you book promo deals


Many Thanks for that.


there are several - when you go to their site - select low fare finder option and it gives you a whole month of prices - each month there seems to be a few at this price...

AirAsia Big Sale - KL to Sydney = £65, KL to Singapore = 12£
Found 24th Aug 2014Found 24th Aug 2014
AirAsia Big Sale - KL to Sydney = £65, KL to Singapore = 12£
AirAsia have a big sale starting at Monday 8am which is perfect if you want to fly around asia on a budget. The travel period has to be between 1st March to the 25th October 2015… Read more
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Such a shame they don't fly from London, I flew to Australia via KL for £400 return Christmas 2010 with them, not the best flights I've ever taken but I put up with it for that price, I'd be on it like tramp on chips if they did.


That's what the press release said, not fact. 25 long haul A300 craft on order - Airbuses, they will be making a return to Europe, its too much a profitable continent to avoid taxes or not (excuse) - just look at the most recent profits after payments to Airbus, AR will be expanding its international offerings or it will be going under.


Just send me a message if you need any advice. Lived in Asia for nearly 10 years and had a great time!


Wish I'd said that!

cundall prices are altering all the time, tbh that is more expensive than last year when i paid about £30 for the same route from memory... Once the sale has ended look for the same flights after a week or so and the prices normally go down again

Airasia 2.5 million seat promotion- all in & tax from US$9, Flights within asia
Found 1st Jun 2014Found 1st Jun 2014
Airasia 2.5 million seat promotion- all in & tax from US$9, Flights within asia
Flights are within asia, and not from uk or europe ideal for back packers/ people flying to asia and wanting to visit another country booking period 2nd june 00.00 till 8th June … Read more

finnair had a special offer out last week to bangkok for £439


Fab! Booked flights Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) x 2 PAX with 20kg baggage each and selected seats for £71 (for both) for Feb 2015. Having been waiting for big sale already booked flights to and from UK back in March!!!


no promotion rates for your dates but i just checked for you and seen some at 599 ringits friday 9th £116


monday 23rd march melbourne promotion 299 malaysian ringet approx £58



Airasia free seats, just pay tax
Found 29th Nov 2013Found 29th Nov 2013
Airasia free seats, just pay tax
i'm suprised no ones posted this up airasia has again another free seat promotion (facebook) just pay tax and surcharge flights from £6 departures from Malaysia travel period … Read more

thank you, i'm just thinking of the trallers like myself who wants to get away when in asia


Cracking deal.Ignore all the "you cant depart from the uk" crap.


i've been to Malaysia 4 times, next year will be my 5th time, there are alot of con artist out there...but you get them everywhere


when is your last time visit?and where were you going?check the local news on google then you will know!!


I used AirAsia a lot when travelling in the region. Very efficient and good safety.

ZERO Fare! Only pay airport tax and fuel surcharge! with Airasia
Found 18th Feb 2013Found 18th Feb 2013
ZERO Fare! Only pay airport tax and fuel surcharge! with Airasia
Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, Singapore, Krabi and many more destinations for £0.00 just taxes and fuel surcharge. The hard part being now getting to Kuala Lumpur.
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Need to work some stuff out tonight with this!


got a flight from KUL to HAN for £32 with baggage :D




got released last night - prices are going up... i am booking mine shortly..


Shame on the dates (1 March 2013 - 31 July 2013) as Chiang Mai to Phuket for £51 would have been sweet for me in December!

Air Asia Sale - flights from £6, Regional Flights on the Air Asia Route Network within Asia, Malaysia / Thailand / Singapore / Indonesia / Hong Kong / China etc
Found 13th Jan 2013Found 13th Jan 2013
Air Asia Sale - flights from £6, Regional Flights on the Air Asia Route Network within Asia, Malaysia / Thailand / Singapore / Indonesia / Hong Kong / China etc
Air Asia are starting a sale on 15th Jan (at GMT + 8 hours) which translates to 4 pm UK time on 14th Jan (I think), it is marketed as 'free sale' - but this refers to the fare comp… Read more

My sympathies, not nice, but if you had stayed here you might have caught 'flu :|


dengue fever... shall i say more?


Can't believe some of the stupid comments on here about being not applicable. It's exactly for these reasons I wasn't going to post this offer, that and the fact I wanted to keep it to myself to book a load of cheap flights for my trip to Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore this August. Anyone wanted internal flights with Malaysia (Penang, Langkawi etc) check out FireFly, they current;y have flights for 35RM (£7) one-way including baggage.


cold they dont pick you up from the community centre and take you to skegness for the day


Just got an email saying that there are some Free seats available. Brilliant airline - better than most of the offering in the UK!!!

CHEAP Air Asia flights from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Sydney, Australia - £63 one way including taxes and charges
Found 19th Jan 2012Found 19th Jan 2012
CHEAP Air Asia flights from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Sydney, Australia - £63 one way including taxes and charges
Air Asia are now selling tickets for their Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Sydney, Australia route Their website is VERY SLOW at the minute but a random search for flights departing fro… Read more
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Nice airfare thanks for good information.


MAS and AIRASIA are partners, so to eliminate the competition Airasia cancel all their flight from london to KL.


Note: Sydney to Kuala Lumpur starts from around £200 ish (unless anyone else can find this cheaper)


That isnt good if you wanted to connect the flights togethere, to get to aus for cheap. Also i have noticed in past this site is always very slow when i have been to it.


It's confirmed that airasia is axing it's kl-london route in march/april. I've already heard of friends who've received cancellation notices and are waiting to find out what replacement flights are available.

20% off ALL international and regional S.E. Asia flights with AirAsia!!
Found 10th Jan 2012Found 10th Jan 2012
20% off ALL international and regional S.E. Asia flights with AirAsia!!
This is a good one - flash sale for ALL flights with Air Asia, for bookings made from 11-13 January 2012. Travel dates for the deal are from 30 Jan - 26 Apr 2012. These guys now … Read more

It's been live for a few hours. Assume it's based on an Asian time zone.


Oh starts tomorrow! X)


Not the best deal, as the genuinely cheap flights promo was available up until a few days ago... Flights which were £40 return (just paying taxes and fees) are now 'promo' seats at £40 single (or more). Not sure if this is the case across the board, but certainly is for Bangkok, rest of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam.

AirAsia London to Kuala Lumpur direct, return flights from £280 (inc tax)
Found 9th Nov 2011Found 9th Nov 2011
AirAsia London to Kuala Lumpur direct, return flights from £280 (inc tax)
Hi, first deal here but I've taken so much from the forum that I thought I need to give something back! Very similar deal to this from a few weeks back:… Read more
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I got a deal to fly (LGW-KL-SIN) on 23rd December and coming back in jan for £328 + Extras. Initially, dropped my plans this christmas due to the price. The lowest I can get to fly to Singapore this christmas was around 800 pounds in Qatar Airways. But when i saw this price in AirAsia, i grabbed it immediately. I have also reserved a comfortable seat plus meals. Dono how to book Entertainment online. Any ideas ??? All included was less than £400 which is definitely a bargain...Any one flew from gatwick here ? how is the terminal and boarding ??? please share...


wanting to go malaysia 19 of december been looking on the internet for best price the best i got return for two people is 1281 anyone know a better deal than this. Be grateful...thankyou.


Brilliant Deal THANK YOU :D just booked my flight for 340 (not too bad really!)


Nothing wrong with AirAsia cracking deal.


Booked in time for the f1. Bought the meals and one extra bag which brought it to £360. However, still saving around £200 vs Emirates, so, happy with that!

AirAsia X promo! London to Kuala Lumpur, round trip from £259 (inc tax)
Found 17th Oct 2011Found 17th Oct 2011
AirAsia X promo! London to Kuala Lumpur, round trip from £259 (inc tax)
*AirAsia X* London to Kuala Lumpur, £259 round trip all-in-fare. Low fares are also available on other destination such as Osaka, Taipei, Gold Coast and New Zealand. Grab the dea… Read more
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wrong - try again


the £259 price is ONE WAY. Not return


travelled to KL then onto the gold coast with Air asia. Found them to be very good, nice meals on board . no problems at all.comfortable and cheaper than any other airline


I've flown with them several times (two separate return trips from London to KL and a number of shorter local flights) and they have been brilliant. Lots of people seem to think that the policy of charging separately for luggage quotas, food, etc means that these are being charged as extras when in fact people should look at the saving they can make through this type of charging. As folk have said - if you don't want to pay for food, take your own (the food was pretty good on the international flights though). For me the planes were comfortable and the service attentive. I would much rather pay this kind of price than £200-£300 more for 'free' drinks and blankets!


their business class is great and you will not get any cheaper when they do an offer for a bed on a long haul flight. Hands up who eats their in flight meal just because its offered to you

Fly to New Zealand (Christchurch) in peak season (Xmas) for only £537 @ Air Asia
Found 13th Oct 2011Found 13th Oct 2011
Fly to New Zealand (Christchurch) in peak season (Xmas) for only £537 @ Air Asia
*Edit* Even cheaper now: Depart D7 15 London (LGW) to Christchurch (CHC) Sunday, 25 December 2011 Depart 2220 Arrive 1455 (+2 days) Transfer in at KUL 1910 Promo (LGW - CHC) 97.… Read more

Ok this doesn't actually suit our dates but it may benefit someone; I just did a search for London -> Melbourne flying out on the 25/12/11 and returning on 14/01/12 for two adults and one infant.... £1414.57. That is a crazy price! :D


Am I correct in thinking the date to fly for this price is Christmas day?


I personally wouldn't fly with a budget airline at that price. That's not much less than the full service airlines - if at all.


Nice Idea I just found some good priced tickets to the gold coast at £450 each doing this. However when trying to book the tickets you have to add meals, baggage and pick your seat options, per flight per person. This takes the flights to about £650-£700. Which whilst still a good deal, is not quite the "Right I am going to book tickets to OZ now price." Luggage, meals and sitting next to my partner are not essential on short haul, but on flights lasting over 24hours they are!


Agree with all on cost, came back from mth in NZ and Aus in August and everything is really expensive. The deal is good but you will come back broke!!

AsiaAsia Promo - Return flight ticket to Malaysia only £268!
Found 12th Oct 2011Found 12th Oct 2011
AsiaAsia Promo - Return flight ticket to Malaysia only £268!
Cheapest I have seen so far. The price is not included any meals, or any check-in luggage. You may need to add extra cost for these. If includes everything, the return ticket for … Read more
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Seems the cheap flights have gone up by £40 each way


About as reliable as the British summer. Which is pretty reliably warmer than February, but still capricious.


when it the offer end?


£30 pounds for how many Kgs of luggage mate ?


how reliable are the monsoon dates?

AirAsia Flights (from free plus tax) and Hotels (from £5 per night) Summer 2012
Found 21st Sep 2011Found 21st Sep 2011
AirAsia Flights (from free plus tax) and Hotels (from £5 per night) Summer 2012
This is budget airline covering much of Asia and Australia with hubs in Malaysia / Thailand / Indonesia with a partner airline AirAsiaX that flys to Stanstead and Paris. So no fl… Read more

Hello Rshot1 Your price is nice for everybody.


The Stansted flights are finishing I think at the end of October, so possibly no good for summer 2012


It would cost me a fortune to fly to M'sia and get the connection flight to Hong Kong (GBP35).


thank you

AirAsia Big Sale is back! Flights from £2, all-in-fare!
Found 22nd May 2011Found 22nd May 2011
AirAsia Big Sale is back! Flights from £2, all-in-fare!
AirAsia Big Sale is back! London to Kuala Lumpur, one way from £200. Other destination such as Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Penang and Johor starts from £2 only! Grab the deal on 23 May… Read more
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Tend to agree. Emirates are nowhere near as good as they used to be. AirAsia, on the other hand, are excellent. Low cost but not low quality.


Funny that. Every time I fly with Emirates, I feel like ditching the return journey and booking up with a better airline. That is one airline that fails to impress me - every time.


£400 rtn from London To Christchurch what a bargin.!!!!


I have travelled on many long haul flights around the world and rate Air Asia tops in the budget airline category. Their flights around South East Asia are amazingly cheap and put Ryanair and easyjet to shame. I am 6ft2inches tall and had absolutely no problem in cattle class from London to KL earlier this year. If you like wasting money - spend it on other airlines rather than **** off a top budget airline who has excellent offers on the table. If someone knows of a cheaper long haul airline into South East Asia from London, then share it with us so we can compare.


Pretty much everything apparently: delayed flights, booked extras weren't provided, miniscule seat space, seats themselves knackered, food ran out, drinks ran out, little in-flight entertainment for kids then it broke down altogether, luggage bashed about ... Makes Ryanair seem like the height of luxury!

London to Melbourne for £439 Including Taxes @ Air Asia
Found 21st Apr 2011Found 21st Apr 2011
London to Melbourne for £439 Including Taxes @ Air Asia
Air Asia are currently doing this promo: Booking Period : 11 April 2011 - 24 April 2011 Travel Period : 1 August 2011 - 31 October 2011 Travel Notes - Advanced booking… Read more
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some of there prices are more expensive than by flying with a scheduled airlines, where you dont have to pay for food, drink, luggage, seating etc....crap! can get EVA air via bangkok to phuket £656, airasia £799...


I have not been able to find a ticket to any destination but maybe u got lucky


@Davidben83 i found aus in the mid october. And agree there aren't any £350 Singapore tickets no more cheapest £575, still a good deal!


Don't tempt me, oh how I miss Australia, might buy a one way flight haha


Looked through all dates over the entire period and there were no promo tickets to Singapore Voted cold

AIR ASIA Kuala Lumpur to New Zealand from £43 single starts 2nd Dec.
Found 1st Dec 2010Found 1st Dec 2010
AIR ASIA Kuala Lumpur to New Zealand from £43 single starts 2nd Dec.
just had this email from Air asia, seem too good to be true!!!! Dear ............. New Zealand! Home of unbelievable landscapes featured in epic movies, intimidating islanders an… Read more
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voted hot hot hot! i've had fantastic experiences with air asia - flown 10+ times within s.e asia singapore - kulala lumpur - kota kinabalu - singapore was the last trip and was less than £100 all in for 2 adults!!


smashed Only the Quantas ones and only for a wee while (I think Sing Airlines checked all theirs), but all sorted & back in the air now. It's RR that has the problem installing a new engine section now but these things happen (mind you, having your engine go bang & debris punch holes - even if they were small - in the wing is one experience & sight I hope never to have!).


I too went to AUS on an A380 and it was brilliant. However, they did come down (they were grounded). :)


007 LOL I think he meant far as I am aware the A380 lands at about the same speed as any other airliner.


Really? They must carry a LOT of fuel if none of them have come down yet!

Air Asia - The Million Seat Sale - Pay Only Taxes
Found 8th Nov 2010Found 8th Nov 2010
Air Asia - The Million Seat Sale - Pay Only Taxes
Just has this email through from Air Asia.... Tell your friends, your family members, your neighbours. We're sure even complete strangers won't mind hearing it from you. AirAsia… Read more

Site having probs at the mo


Still can not find any flights for Sept 2011 it keeps stating that there are no flights and check the schedule. When I do that it says there are flights every day !!!


It doesn't start until tomorrow does it?


Can't get that price. What dates is it availabel please?


There's Air asia flight from Stanstead to Kuala Lumpur including tax n return for £360.

Air Asia Xtraordinary sale £350 London - Malaysia Return over Easter May Bank Holidays period
Found 17th Aug 2010Found 17th Aug 2010
Air Asia Xtraordinary sale £350 London - Malaysia Return over Easter May Bank Holidays period
Xtraordinary SALE! Booking Period : 17 August 2010 - 19 August 2010 Travel Period : 1 April 2011 - 11 August 2011 Travel Notes - Advanced booking required. - Fares are … Read more
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hahaha... don't worry, it is just my sacarsm LOL.


Why would I find your comments "upsetting" LOL


LOL... but flight from Malaysia to Korea can't really be compared to a flight from Malaysia to UK... the distance differ so much... in the end you don't want this airline to go bust in the middle of you travel, r u? :)


Unfortunately all the flights from Malaysia to UK are more expensive... sometimes there are flight that cost something like £200 one way from Malaysia to UK but the return flight has always been more expensive... I presume it is just the way business works playing with the sales figures and maximise the gain in some way. I don't like this but to be honest, they still provide the cheaper travel compared to other airline. I heard the news about airasiaX going public with a certain percentage of their share soon (next year probably)... They want the Air Asia X to be totally independent to the Air Asia... Read this... So far I see more travel agent going bust rather than airline going bust... but this is an airline own by a number of big companies. by the way, I don't work for Air Asia... I don't really like Air Asia but only interested in the lower air fare the offered.


Then you must be lucky... remind you that you haven't included the luggage and food... you can say I'm ignorant by saying "I don't think"... well, I don't mean any harm and if you find my comments upsetting... what can i say? If added cost of meal and luggage, the cost will be something like £371.60... well, still cheap... but last time Malaysia airline came out with a deal for £399 all inclusive, you get drinks as you like and you get snacks for free and in flight entertainment for free... + luggage of 20kg... for an extra £20 and 1hr less flying time, I guess Malaysia airline is a bargain. Well all these are in my own opinion, I can agree some people won't agree with me for paying an extra £30 but I guess we all don't drink the same "cup of tea" :)

Air Asia 3 Day 'Take Off' Sale London - Malaysia £199 One Way
Found 15th Aug 2010Found 15th Aug 2010
Air Asia 3 Day 'Take Off' Sale London - Malaysia £199 One Way
I am not really a fans of Air Asia but thought someone may find this useful. Air Asia does fly to a lot of other Asia Pacific destinations (From Malaysia) at fraction of the price … Read more
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Should be "from" £199 as its showing £240 in July.


Always check cost of two single fares - often works out cheaper than a return!


not too bad but the seats go very very quickly... remember you have to add on food (if required), drinks (if required) and bags (if required). The price can quickly go above offers with other airlines.


In fact for £107 back to london - that's a stop over in Kuala Lumpur for £306 - not too shabby.


Looks a cracking deal. £199 to Kuala Lumpur, then £43 to Melbourne. So £242 to melbourne - beat that!