Airkix Indoor Skydiving experience - just £24.36 + 10% Quidco !!!

Airkix Indoor Skydiving experience - just £24.36 + 10% Quidco !!!

Found 21st Nov 2006 offers Airkix Indoor Skydiving Experience for £29.00

Use code 317006 to get 20% off thereby lowering the price to just £24.36 (all inc). Go through Quidco for a further 10% cashback. An incredible price for Christmas 06 - the must have gift for every adrenalin fan.

Description : Based at the multimillion pound Xscape in Milton Keynes, Airkix is the ORIGINAL and BEST indoor skydiving facility. The purpose built air chamber houses an incredible fan that blasts air at speeds of 200mph - just try and soar like a bird as your friends watch through the perspex walls. Expert instruction will help you make the most of the session which is the equivalent of three 'regular' skydives, and there's no going up in a plane to worry about!



Great deal edi though you can get it slightly cheaper using 25% Off discount code: 843843, brings it down to £22.84.

This would make a great gift for someone, they would be well chuffed!

Hi there,

Tried both codes and the lowest I could get it to was £37.84, as it's £49 for the skydiving.

Am I doing something wrong?



Hi Charlie and welcome to hukd's There are a few skydiving deals on buyagift .... search using ref: 1205 to find the one edi is referring to.

Hth, let me know how you get on

You must be looking at a different offer.. it works out at £22.84 exactly - the original price of the skydiving is coming up at £29. Make sure you don't paste a space in at the end of the voucher code as well.

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Would love to get one of these for my 16 year old son...but Milton Keynes is a LONG way from Sheffield for 2 x 1 minute flights...:-(

I was so tempted by this then I realised how long the flights were...
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