Airplane / Airplane 2 [Boxset] - £2.99 @ CDWOW (Free Delivery)
Airplane / Airplane 2 [Boxset] - £2.99 @ CDWOW (Free Delivery)

Airplane / Airplane 2 [Boxset] - £2.99 @ CDWOW (Free Delivery)

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Just spotted the 'Airplane / Airplane 2 [Boxset] ' for a mere £2.99. 2 classic films, 1 ultra cheap price! It's a no brainer for those without this in their collection.

BTW, Next best price appears to be £4.98 @ Amazon.

Also, previous best reported price at HUKD appears to be £3.99.
This could therefore be an all time low price!

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The quintessential movie spoof that spawned an entire genre of parody films, the original Airplane! still holds up as one of the brightest comedic gems of the '80s, not to mention of cinema itself (it ranked in the top 5 of Entertainment Weekly's list of the 100 funniest movies ever made). The humour may be low and obvious at times, but the jokes keep coming at a rapid-fire clip and its targets--primarily the lesser lights of '70s cinema, from disco films to star-studded disaster epics--are more than worthy for send-up. If you've seen even one of the overblown Airport movies then you know the plot: the crew of a filled-to-capacity jetliner is wiped out and it's up to a plucky stewardess and a shell-shocked fighter pilot to land the plane. Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty are the heroes who have a history that includes a meet-cute ?a Saturday Night Fever, a surf scene right out of From Here to Eternity, a Peace Corps trip to Africa to teach the natives the benefits of Tupperware and basketball, a war-ravaged recovery room with a G.I. who thinks he's Ethel Merman (a hilarious cameo)--and those are just the flashbacks! The jokes gleefully skirt the boundaries of bad taste (pilot Peter Graves to a juvenile cockpit visitor: "Joey, have you ever seen a grown man naked?"), with the high (low?) point being Hagerty's intimate involvement with the blow-up automatic pilot doll, but they'll have you rolling on the floor. The film launched the careers of collaborators Jim Abrahams (Big Business), David Zucker (Ruthless People), and Jerry Zucker (Ghost), as well as revitalised such B-movie actors as Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, Robert Stack, and Leslie Nielsen, who built a second career on films like this. A vital part of any video collection.

Airplane 2

The 1982 sequel to Airplane! is basically more of the same class-clown ironies but with a more forced feeling to the jokes. In the first film, veterans such as Peter Graves, Robert Stack, and Lloyd Bridges were feeling their way through self-parody, and the air of experimentation was part of the fun. By this film, however, everybody knows what's up, and the assuredness of new cast members Raymond Burr, William Shatner, and Chuck Connors is almost counterproductive. Still, there's lots to laugh about.


Now showing £3.99


Surely you can't be serious? ;-) It's £3.99 now!

Original Poster


Now showing £3.99

Apologies, I forgot to mention that you should use the standard £1 off CD-WOW voucher:

It is therefore still £2.99.


£2.99??Surely you can't be serious?

I have that as my text message alert...never fails to amuse at parties or social gatherings souvenirs, novelties, party tricks!


It should not be expired

Expected to ship within 7-10 days


It should not be expired Expected to ship within 7-10 days

It's at a higher price, not £2.99 any more.

Showing as £2.99 for me when using voucher. Have reported thread to be unexpired :thumbsup:



£2.99??Surely you can't be serious? ;-) It's £3.99 now!

I am and dont call me Shirley!

HOT bye the way


It's at a higher price, not £2.99 any more.


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