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Posted 9 September 2022

AirPods Pro 2nd Generation £234.99 (Members Only) @ Costco

£234.99£2496% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Available for preorder now, delivery from 23rd September.

Rebuilt from the sound up.

AirPods Pro feature up to 2x more Active Noise Cancellation,(1) plus Adaptive Transparency, and Personalised Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking for immersive sound.(2) Now with multiple ear tips (XS, S, M, L) and up to 6 hours of listening time.(3)

Additional Features

  • Touch control lets you swipe to adjust volume, press to direct media playback, answer or end calls, and press and hold to switch between listening modes
  • Sweat and water resistant for AirPods Pro and charging case(4)
  • MagSafe Charging Case with speaker and lanyard loop
  • Up to 6 hours of listening time with Active Noise Cancellation on(3)
  • Up to 30 hours of total listening time with the MagSafe Charging Case and Active Noise Cancellation on(3)
  • Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri”(5)
  • Easy setup, in-ear detection, and automatic switching between devices(6)
  • Audio Sharing between two sets of AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV(7)
  • Find My with proximity view for AirPods Pro and Precision Finding for charging case(8)

(1) As compared with AirPods Pro (1st generation).
(2) Spatial Audio works with movies, TV and video in supported apps. iPhone with TrueDepth camera required to create personalised profile.
(3) Battery life varies by use and configuration. See apple.com/uk/…ies for details.
(4) AirPods Pro and charging case are sweat and water resistant for non-water sports and exercise, and they are IPX4 rated. Sweat and water resistance are not permanent conditions.
(5) Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Internet access required. Mobile data charges may apply.
(6) Requires an iCloud account and a compatible Apple device with the latest operating system software.
(7) Works with iPhone 8 or later and iPod touch (7th generation) with the latest version of iOS; and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation or later), 11-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Air (3rd generation or later) and iPad mini (5th generation or later) with the latest version of iPadOS.
(8) Find My functionality requires iOS 16 or later; coming late autumn 2022 to iPadOS and macOS.
Costco More details at Costco
You will need a Costco membership to purchase this item.

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£227.98 in store
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  1. Avatar
    Good deal since airpods hold their value for at least a year
    Hold their value? I can’t imagine anything worse than buying something that has spent time in another persons ears
  2. Avatar
    Just bought the current gen for 189, kicking myself.
    Follow mac rumours and you’ll know when new products are coming for future!
  3. Avatar
    Airpods 1 - wouldnt stay in ears
    Airpods Pro - stay in ears but the left will work its way out eventually (every 5 mins when im moving around)

    Will these be any better ? Or do i need a ear transplant
    Yes you need an ear transplant or you could get custom molded tips. There are loads of companies that do them. Check out Snugs.
  4. Avatar
    Hot deal technically yes.

    Absolute madness that people keep shovelling piles of their cash towards apple for very average technology. They up there with Bose as being the biggest scam in electronics.

    Bith the Pixel Buds A and Pixel Buds Pro are significantly cheaper than the standard airpods and even the old airpods pro, yet both Google products have audio quality that Apple can't get close to.

    Paying a fortune just for a fancy animation when you pop the lid open, literally all you're paying for.
    "audio quality that Apple can't get close to" is a very subjective statement. AirPods Pro are well regarded in many reviews.
  5. Avatar
    in a few words - why should I buy the new generation airpods pro over the current generation?
    For me, better battery life and improved noise cancelling are the two main reasons I've just ordered them. The 'personalised' spatial audio is intruiging as well.
  6. Avatar
    These or freebuds pro 2?!
    Don't buy these if you're on android. If you aren't buy it
  7. Avatar
    Got these for £199 on pre order 👌 They just landed this morning 😃 Never had a pair of AirPods. What’s the best settings to listen to music? All the noise cancellations and adaptive stuff all off or? Literally puzzled with all the options and what’s best etc so I’m like how do I know if I’m listening to the best possible? Also is tidal music better than Apple Music with these? Can you tell the difference? Says lossless on Apple Music atm. And then said spatial audio music with Dolby Atmos or something
    100% have noise cancellation on all the time unless, of course, you need to hear the world around you or you need to talk to someone without taking them out.

    I've done the personalised spatial audio settings as well but I can't quite decide if that's made any improvements

    I haven't got Apple Music but listening to some of the Tidal Masters today was amazing.
  8. Avatar
    Get Galaxy buds
    These are better. It’s not even close.
  9. Avatar
    You guys voting hot you are out of your mind honestly
    Do you understand how this site works?
  10. Avatar

    Even with cost of cheapest membership, more expensive that RRP. (edited)
    Because you need to buy a new membership for every purchase. I wish there was a way of bulk blocking these fools. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Good deal for newly released model, but as we might reasonably expect new v1s to regularly come up for around £150 now is it hard to justify the extra? I never have an issue with battery life and the noise cancelling on my v1s seems miraculous as it is!
    If i see 1st gen £99 i will get it, mark my words.
  12. Avatar
    Anyone know when we will get these
    I wondered too. I thought they would have shipped by now if we were getting them on release.
  13. Avatar
    Nice one. Think I’m going to wait until next year to upgrade phone and watch but these are a 100% buy, especially at this price
  14. Avatar
    How easy it is to pursue you guys to upgrade.. you are a victims of Apple corp.
    oh i agree once your in their eco system they have you for life thats both good and bad

    good - that everything just works and is seemless
    bad - they charge alot more than other comparable products just for being apple.
  15. Avatar
    Give it few months and will be same price currently sell the Pro ones for. Around £180/£190
  16. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Keeping my pros till they give out
  17. Avatar
    240 pounds for a pair of earphones just think about it . 1200 pounds for a phone , another 1800 for your laptop iMac Pro , plus your watch for another 800 .
    If you're wealthy enough
    to go out and buy those products on a shopping trip then the £240 is going to seem pretty cheap
  18. Avatar
    Guessing for the price this comes with a 45" TV or something? Or a free holiday?
    Er no, just the headphones mate as you can see in the description.
  19. Avatar
    Got mine. Listening to some Tidal Masters. Wow !
  20. Avatar
    Just picked these up instore Costco Glasgow for £227.98
  21. Avatar
    Dear God. How much?
  22. Avatar
    Hoooooooooot thank you OP
  23. Avatar
    My Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) at £84.77 are just fine.
    Lucky you! (No sarcasm) speaking to people in the real world it seems 50/50 as to whether the AirPods stay in their ears.

    Unfortunately I’m one of the nots so despite me having no need to the extra features I’m forced down the pro line should I want the AirPods.

    “Luckily” for me SWMBO wants the new ones so I’m taking her old pros to bin my (her old) AirPods 1s with a 3D printed set of clips and she’s getting these from this Costco deal.
  24. Avatar
    So I have a Samsung S22 - I have samsung pro buds 2 but am not happy with the fit. What functionality would I lose using these Airpod pros on my android device?
    Similar problems to me. I have the s21 with airpods pro. Can't tell what battery life they are on which is really annoying !
  25. Avatar
    Is working just with members only?
    You have to be a member to buy anything from Costco.
  26. Avatar
    How quickly are these likely to get listed at Argos? Release day? I can get 20% off there so holding out for it to save a good amount.
    Are you sure that offer includes Apple stuff, as the margins All retailers are very low! I check the small print if I was you.
  27. Avatar
    I hope the microphone is better on this
    Mics on Airpods are among the best in my experience. I often use them for work.
  28. Avatar
    Got these for £199 on very 👌👌👌
    Anonymous User
    Does that volume feature work on any iPhones
  29. Avatar
    Ordered thanks! Best price I’ve seen for the new ones.

    Any idea if these are likely to arrive on release day?
  30. Avatar
    I’m an iPhone user but I don’t particularly want white earphones. Looking for something noise cancelling that stay in my smallish ears.

    Better contenders or worth it?
    Beats Fit Pro are the closest I’ve found. They come in 4 different colours and have wingtips so they hold in your ears. And if you can hold out for an eBay discount code you can get them for around £160.
  31. Avatar
    I don't get it... £15 off an item of this value ain't much yet it's pretty darn hot. Nothing major as far as i can see or am i missing something? (edited)
    its not even been released yet and i doubt you will find these cheaper anywhere else unless your using a voucher of some kind

    i'll be upgrading to the new airpods pro just because of the extended battery life its something i use everyday so for me its worth it.
  32. Avatar
    I wonder if these things still fall out of your ears on a good run?
  33. Avatar
    Does Currys price match Costco?
  34. Avatar
    CEX appear to be offering £104 cash for the current AirPods Pro. More then I’d expected.

    Net £130 to switch. Tempted as mine are couple of years old now. Although I got them swapped out by Apple at 12m, so current battery’s should still be good for a while. If I hadn’t I would probably do it to get new battery’s and another year of warrranty alone. Especially since it is Costco.


    Actually if a decent deal pops up for V1 whilst that trade in value is there I will switch to another set of V1s (edited)
    Anonymous User
    How do CEX selling work will I be robbed if they make up excuses I’m trying to sell my new condition pros
  35. Avatar
    Are there any deals on the Air Pods 3?
  36. Avatar
    Anyone know what Costco are like for things like this? Do they ship and deliver on release day?
  37. Avatar
    Lol this can cost 500 people will still buy them mind blowing
  38. Avatar
    Is it better to get 3 year insurance with very.co.uk for £35 or 2 year apple care for £29? Can you insure on very after purchase? As I forgot to tick this insurance! ….
    What does insurance cover ?
  39. Avatar
    What is sound compared to Samsungs buds and pixel ! V1 pros ?
  40. Avatar
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