Airsprung Coniston Comfort Double Mattress was £78.94 delivered @ Argos NOW £68.44

Airsprung Coniston Comfort Double Mattress was £78.94 delivered @ Argos NOW £68.44

Found 28th Dec 2010
Airsprung Coniston Comfort Double Mattress.
•Medium firm feel.
•13.5 gauge open coil mattress with 192 springs.
•Deep quilt damask cover.
•No roll together.
•Edge to edge support.
•Mattress size W135, L190, D20cm.
•Everyday use.

£69.99 (was £99.99) plus £8.95 Home delivery only

DOWN ANOTHER £10.50 TO £59.49 (£68.44 DELIVERED)
Have cancelled my first order & have reordered at lower price!
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This should keep those happy who baulked at a £1,000 mattress on a thread a few days ago.
Ha ha at the 192 springs. My bed has 3000. Cost £500 odd though.
I bought my daughter one of these didn't even last a year! You could feel every spring
Ordered one for the spare room as its worth it for that.


Ha ha at the 192 springs. My bed has 3000. Cost £500 odd though.

Thats the pocket spring system, completely different to this airsprung mattress. Mine has 2000 pocket springs with a 5" reflex/memory foam layer on top. Its one purchase i would recommend on not penny pinching, after all you will be spending roughly one third of the decade in it!.
I'm after a single and a double mattress, but there's no way I'm going to be buying one this cheap, and no way I'm going to be paying £1000 for one (even if it is "on sale")

Hot deal by the way, would be great for a spare room, or short term measure.
These Airsprung mattresses are fine for occasional use ie visitors, but useless for daily use. You'll be lucky to get 12 months wear out of them before you can feel every spring and it twangs whenever you move. Even when the mattress is within it's 12 month warranty with Argos, they will be extremely reluctant to sort out any problems and insist that you first get a written report from a bed specialist ( at your own expense ) and even then have to be pushed hard to send a replacement. We had a report done and the the guy said they were extremely poorly constructed with insufficient structural strength and wadding. Trouble is, when you do finally get Argos to concede there is a problem, all you get is another poor quality mattress that wont last a year.

We were very disappointed with the mattress but more so with the quality of the Argos customer service.

My advice, speaking from experience, is to avoid these mattresses and spend a little more on a better quality one.
the old adage you get what you paid for certainly applies in this situation, certainly as others have said for a spare room this is fine, but you owe it to yourself not to buy a cheap mattress for your own comfort.
Forgot to mention, ours was used by our teenage ( 14 ) son and when we were offered a replacement, we asked to upgrade to the best one that Airsprung did at the time ( 18 months ago ). We paid the difference and hoped for a better outcome. However, the replacement came and although it had slightly more padding, you could still feel the springs through it and after around 8 months it was as bad as the previous one. Argos weren't interested so it went to the tip. Lesson learnt!!
We had our last one for 3 years and it was used daily!
It did get bad but at the time we didnt have the funding to get anything better.

We now have a super deluxe one but I would still say these are good for the spare room.
Now even less at £68.44 delivered!
I have cancelled & reordered at lower price although Argos CS (0845-6402020) said if you have already ordered you can just call them & they will honour the new price. You also get to keep your delivery slot so may be a better way?
Thanks for the tip off have just called
these are completely ****, I own one and can feel the springs, the clunks, even the metal rods poking out of the side of the bed! its a deathtrap, avoid!

if you value your sleep, don't get this!
When it arrives I will have a couple of nights on it and give you all an honest opinion. I'm not expecting much for the money but for the spare room it should be fine.
These argos mattresses last a year max. We bought one last year and it has virtually collapsed in on itself! Good as a non constant use spare room mattress I guess.
Ours is only for the spare room so should be great
I would NEVER buy an Airsprung mattress. I bought bunkbeds from Argos with the matresses included...not that cheap. I slept in my son's bed one night (without him in it!) and I could not believe how bad it was! Felt the springs digging into me! I rang up thinking there was a fault (like they'd forgotten to put a layer on or something) and was told they'd had lots of complaints. They swapped mine for more expensive Airsprung ones but I had to go and buy mattress toppers....DREADFUL!
Item being delivered next Thursday
Really pleased with this.
Spent the last 2 nights on it and it has been fine for less than £70!!

Very well suited for a spare room or now and again use.
OOS. expired.
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