AKG N60NC (WHATHIFI Winner) for £116.99 @ Toby Deals

AKG N60NC (WHATHIFI Winner) for £116.99 @ Toby Deals

Found 16th Mar
Found this whilst having a look at the Sony 1000x on the website posted earlier today
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I bought the wired version of these for £130 from Richer Sounds recently with an offer found here.

Stunning sound - when using a decent sound source and lossless audio files! Be warned, they will make anything less than 320k MP3's sound ropey, at best. Lossy formats like MP3 will be a bit frustrating to listen to because these reference phones pick up and belt out all the flaws in the compression. Best with at least flac format. They deserve the What Hifi award.

I have a closed back set of AKG phones already and they sounded ok with an iPOD Touch 6th gen. The N60's make most music on the iPod sound poor in comparison, partly because it can only play a max of 320k MP3's.

The noise cancelling on these phones is excellent and you can expect several hours use on a charge.

My criticisms...
The charging cable is proprietary and quite flimsy. Apparently AKG charge over £20 for a replacement! Hmm.
The phones 'can' be uncomfortable to wear for long periods as they sit on, rather than over, your ears and they are quite a tight fit (esp. when wearing glasses as I do).
If these are coming from Hong Kong don’t forget your VAT and import duty liability
Are these wired or BT? Site doesn’t seem to say
Really after a set of these - got the basic AKG's and they're great. These look like the noise cancelling wired ones? Is it a bit iffy buying from afar, especially if you need to return if faulty?!?
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