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AKIRA Limited Edition 4K Ultra-HD + Blu-ray - £24.69 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

1x 4K UHD Blu-ray
1x Standard Blu-ray (Feature Film)
1x Standard Blu-ray (Special Features)
1x 40 page booklet featuring: The Energy Of Akira Stimulates The Human Mind by Ryusuke Hikawa, The Music of Akira Continues to Evolve by Reiji Asakura, a round table interview with the Japanese cast and sound director, and Timeline of Events in Akira
Bonus Blu-ray special features include: AKIRA sound making 2019, AKIRA soundclip by Geinoh Yamashirogumi, End credits for 1998 theatrical release, Theatrical preview - Trailer collection with English subtitles, Story board collection.
added by louiselouise:4066984_1.jpg
4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg£34.99 Anime-on-line anime-on-line.com/Aki…tml
£28.69 Hit hit.co.uk/buy…htm
£52.35 Zatu Games (OOS) board-game.co.uk/pro…ay/
£30.89 Hive hive.co.uk/Pro…511

Google Shopping says, here
4066984_1.jpgCheapest price ever from Keepa (Amazon prices only) - the price has went down a few pence since the Deal was posted, to £24.63! keepa.com/4066984-MlGHX.jpgAmazon reviews, (some received the HDR version, some didn't), here4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpg4066984_1.jpgReview from Texy88 (though it's 2 years old):
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Great deal for a revolutionary film, was way ahead of its time.

    Also Kanye Wests favourite film
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    Got this a year or so ago. Main issue is they have changed the colour scheme for the HDR release but other than that a great film.
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    Love this film, btu some questions on this release (I've lost count of the number of times I've bought this film over the years)
    1. Is Amazon sending out HDR pressings of the UHD disc now?
    2. Do any of the versions of the film in this boxset have both the Pioneer and Streamline English dubs (the initial BluRay only had the Pioneer dub and the rerelease had both)?

    Still not sure I can justify upgrading my BluRay copy
    (Re HDR): There were mixed reviews about which version they were sending out, even from a month or two ago. At least Amazon's customer service is great.49286313-IGXim.jpgThere's also these (in the OP, about dub languages):49286313-AFCB7.jpg49286313-9ZkSI.jpgThough, Amazon reviews about the dubs are confusing as well! amazon.co.uk/AKI…dub
    49286313-6WO4d.jpg (edited)