Aladdin Bento lunch box for kids £3.79 @ Home Bargains also double one £4.99

Aladdin Bento lunch box for kids £3.79 @ Home Bargains also double one £4.99

Found 21st May 2011
Great price as recently paid £12.99, these keep food hot and cold.
My daughter has one for school dinners having soup, beans etc rather than sandwiches daily, also great for cool food too.

Only had pink colour in stock in Blackpool stores
The double ones are £4.99 and slplit into two so I have purchased one for my son and will add stickers to make funky (only had white)


wouldn't mind getting one of these if I can find one! thanks

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Home Bargains stores Blackpool Talbot Rd and Cleveleys store,

Had to laugh when I saw this,my little girl loves taking pasta in this for her school lunch.I make it in the morning and she tells me its still nice and warm when its time for lunch,it can also be heated in the microwave with lid off.We paid much more than this (although cant remember what) great price.Heat added.

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Good luck hotstuffs great buy just wish they had blue my little boy starts school this sept.

would love to get one for my daughter, (she always comes home with most of her sandwiches not eaten) we dont have a Home Bargains Store in Cornwall

I'll have to see if I can find one of these. Thanks.

they have the blue kids ones in home bargains at £3.79 x
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