Alan Titchmarsh Watering Can Radio 5.99

Alan Titchmarsh Watering Can Radio 5.99

Found 9th Mar 2008
Alan Titchmarsh Watering Can Radio Receives AM and FM. Useful carry handle. Batteries included, good for fathers day gift coming up soon. was 11.99


Link please?

can't find it
searched alan titchmarsh, radio ect and nothing showing up!


WHSmith seem to be getting rid of all they're tat today it's a cheap am/fm radio in a watering can shape with a nice pointey aerial coming out of the spout ready to poke your eye out.........great:thumbsup:

Thanks, I've added a direct link and an image.


What a joke!! ive never seen anything so funny in all my life!

Bargain tho!

This will make a great grandad present voted hot.

Great fathers day prezzie,


Why would you need to water Alan Titchmarsh?


Why would you need to water Alan Titchmarsh?

It may help him grow a bit taller, he's a bit of a gnome with a bad mullet hair doo !!! :thumbsup:




FREE delivery to local WH Smiths store for pick up, OR, on orders over £25

ah they do store delivery

class, lol, have ordered it for my 1 year old to give to his grandad. HOT!

If I received that, it would be in the Oxfam shop within the hour! Hideous!
Good price though.

WOW!! I can not believe someone would have wanted to buy one of these

Titchmarsh has an eerily dedicated fan base. And as with any fandom, there's merchandise to go with it.

Scary, but true. I used to work at a bookshop where he did a signing and they piled through the door.

In ... not out.

it's a bit of fun for the grandad who has everything and loves to be out in the garden!

Please excuse me if I dont snap up this "stunning" bargain


batteries included btw, lol


Please excuse me if I dont snap up this "stunning" bargain:whistling:

last year, my lil son gave his grandad a snoring grandad figure with newspaper - yes, tacky, but he loves it - just a bit of fun, brightened up his day for a bit plus it wound the wife up with the noise, haha.

Isn't fathers day ages away? (I hope)

I just checked, Fathers day isn't until the third sunday in June. Thank god.

June, but still, worth putting something away as every time we look closer to the date, we can't find anything

Relieved to find it was just a radio: first thought it was one of those weird Innovations catalogue combinations.

Hahahahahahaha... these were given away free with a sunday newspaper a while back... so now I know what they do with the excess. Sell it on...

(I work at WH Smith... i'm not that sad to know this otherwise)...
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