Alan Wake For Xbox 360 - £8.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Alan Wake For Xbox 360 - £8.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 17th Feb 2011Made hot 17th Feb 2011
Amazon have matched Argos, so those of you who can't find stock nearby now have another option.


Good game?

in a word yes

Excellent game, in my top 5 of 2010.


Great game at a great price.

Game play is repetitive and the story don't make too much sense...good atmosphere worth a rental though.

Great price better than pre-owned!;)

This would have beena good game if it came out 8 years ago. Unfortunately it didn't and instead became a retro game without any reason to be one. Also they took so long to finish it, but that time wasn't spent making it into a fun game. A for effort, C for delivery. Alan Yawn.

Got to disagree this was also one of my favourites from last year prob top 3 well worth buying

Finally decided to go for this. Thanks

Back down to £8.99 again
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