Alarm Clock Cube with iPod dock reduced to £19.99 at Sainsburys (instore only)

Alarm Clock Cube with iPod dock reduced to £19.99 at Sainsburys (instore only)

Found 8th Jan 2008
Hi, I've been looking for a new radio alarm clock for ages with an iPod dock on the top, and the cheapest I've seen online has been £36 in the sale. Went into my local Sainsburys the other day, and they have an "i-Connex Docking Cube" reduced from £40 to £19.99.

It's white, about 13½ cm square, and has a nifty blue LED display on the front. The speaker is the biggest part of the unit, and with an output of 4.5W the sound quality from my iPod isn't half bad... it also comes with a remote control and AC mains adaptor.
You can choose whether to wake up to radio, buzzer or iPod.
Also comes with 7 different iPod adaptors to cover every format.


Hope this helps someone!
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Yes that's the one, thanks for posting the link - couldn't find a pic anywhere!
They only had them in white in my local Sainsbury's but my iPod is white anyway so it looks great! :thumbsup:
Just got back from Sainsburys in Swindon (Bridgemead), and they had several in black and pink, and after looking for me they found one in white. Will post my views on it when I set it up later.

Cheers OP
I set mine up last night, easy to use and woke up to Athlete's "Hurricane" this morning - sounded great! If I had to pick a minor fault it's that you don't appear to be able to put the blue LED light on "low" so it's a bit bright for the side of the bed... but other than that. I'm really happy with it for the price!
I've voted hot, as it sounds pretty good and is very easy to use, especially with he simple remote control. Shame it doesn't hold the tuner presets when it loses power (fingers crossed for no power cuts!)

As for the blue ligt that is my main worry, so it may yet be going back!?

so it's a bit bright for the side of the bed...

You're not wrong! Way, way too bright for us. A real shame because it is a bargain. I really want to keep it, because everything else is great.

I think it's on it way back to the shop - shame. Cheers though :thumbsup:
Just back from sainsburys and these are down to £15 now. Bargain if you can put up with the bright blue light! (mine went back)
AVOID!! It is, quite literally, beyond retarded. I bought one today only to find there is no way to set the alarm volume; It will only ever go up to 50% when the alarm goes off, which isn't enough to wake all but the very lightest sleepers.
It's going back tomorrow !!!
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