Alba Shower Radio - White - £2.99 @ Argos

Alba Shower Radio - White - £2.99 @ Argos

Found 28th Aug 2013
Now you can sing along with your favourite music in the shower with the Alba FM and AM radio. This fish shaped shower radio is sure to put a smile on everyone's face while providing great sound quality.

Product features:

FM tuner.
Mono speaker.
Output power to headphones is 0.5 watts RMS - the average measurement of a speakers output.
General information:

Size H23, W8, D6.5cm.
Batteries required 3 x AA (not included).
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There aren't many rules I live by, but one of them is never buy alba.

There aren't many rules I live by, but one of them is never buy alba.

Guardiola did at Barcelona and that's a great product ;-)
Bush and alba two of the worst makes out there. Had nothing but trouble with both.
£18 on amazon! ordered even though make not the best it's £3!
Hot from me!
'Providing great sound qualilty' hahah.
However the price makes it hot for me
had one of these but returned after a few days, totally awful
I got one for this price, utter piece of crap.

Never before have I bought a piece of electronics as bad as this, sound quality is terrible, but that's only if you can actually get a signal because mostly all you are going to hear is what sounds like 2 very angry warthogs having very noisy sex.
I remember buying a toilet roll holder with a built in radio from M & S a few years back for about a tenner and it was utter crap.I can't imagine this is any good.
I think bush would be better in the shower.
Crap - all i can pick up is snake radio - lots of hissing.
warthogs having sex eh? sounds good might get one

There aren't many rules I live by, but one of them is never buy alba.

can't agree more. I bought this rubbish product and had to return it the other day. It's basically a piece of junk that doesn't do what it supposed to do it.
Taking mine back. Its a shocker. Dont bother. I'm a poet, and i dont know it.
Bought one of these years ago. impossible to tune in properly and sounds like its already underwater before you even go near the shower.

Freezing cold.
I agree with the reviews above - I put up with the one I bought for over a year once I had found a station it would tune into properly. Utter garbage and have now got one tesco sell and I like it a lot. And it was normally priced, not a 1p store specific 'deal' on here...
My shower companions (obviously not anywhere near the water) are an Android phone, TuneIn Radio and Technika speakers (sometimes £1.49 on ebay). And you don't get 6Music on FM!
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