Alcafe Nespresso compatible pods x 10 £1.79 @ Aldi

Alcafe Nespresso compatible pods x 10 £1.79 @ Aldi

Found 22nd Apr 2015
Saw these yesterday not sure if they are a good price.
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^^ tesco by any chance?

^^ tesco by any chance?

Wasn't convinced by the green lungo ones, ok black but a bit weak with milk. The purple intense seem ok.
Hmm worth a try I guess, the 3rd party capsules are mostly awful but someone will get it right one day, surely (Pact Coffee, hurry up and make them!)
Well the Lidl Bellarom Ristretto ones are pretty damn good - certainly as good as Nespresso's. Anyone know how these Aldi ones compare? Not many comments here, but a lot of cold votes.
Well I did I test with friends over these pods! The intense (no10) I told them they were from harrods and being queens! believed me, as they were individually wrapped so got out the nespresso machine and popped a double expresso? Said it was the best Blend they had tasted. I know these guys well as this machine is in daily use so a heads up here
I only made a point with these guys are they are brain washed with brands and although I'd educate them in shopping about
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