Alcatel ot-710 FREE with £10 Talk Mobile Credit @ e2save + Poss Cashback.

Alcatel ot-710 FREE with £10 Talk Mobile Credit @ e2save + Poss Cashback.

Found 14th Jun 2011
£2.43 total if TopCashBack shell out.

Too good to be true? I've just ordered one to find out. *waits for the "problem with your order" email*

Entry-level touch screen on Talk Mobile (Vodafone network, I believe). If Talk will let you use the £10 credit on their 4p text/8p min "Essentials" tariff instead of the "Rewards" one they seem to be pushing, then this brings them into line with GiffGaff and Ikea for best-value flat rate payg.


ordered through quidco , sometimes its only £ 5.00 for 0 value mobile phones , still for fiver its a good buy as a spare phone ! if it tracks at 7.50 then bargain .... thanks

£7.57 with top cashback so £10 credit and a cheap simple phone for £2.43 if cashback tracks. bargain !!
phones usually come unlocked by my experience.
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nice thanks

heat op

this should get hot

Ordered, head added, bargain for £10, let alone £2.43...

comes to £25.90 for me?


comes to £25.90 for me?



comes to £25 when u check out

Your correct they have noticed the error wait and see if they fulfil order at £0.00 plus the £10.00 top up

For me also coming for 25.90


Original Poster



I'm betting it was a glitch then. No email yet, but presumably they won't honour it.

Got a text to call them, order cancelled due to the phone being "discontinued" (yeah, right) but offered a Samsung E1080 for 1p instead. Much better service covering their tracks from a mis-price than an anonymous email saying tough luck.

Pity, looked a good deal.
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