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Alcatel U3 3G £9.99 at Carphone Warehouse (£10 top up required on O2)
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Alcatel U3 3G £9.99 at Carphone Warehouse (£10 top up required on O2)

Posted 25th Aug

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Alcatel U3 3G currently on offer for £9.99 unlocked from Carphone Warehouse. The offer requires to buy £10 credit on O2 payg which is good for priority user for free hot drinks (or cold!) from Cafe Nero. This is a 3G phone with only 4GB rom. Can be used as a spare phone or someone using less frequently. One of the review says:

'' If you start using this phone out of the box with all the bloatware and only 500mb of ram forget it but if you follow these steps this phone can run as well as a mid ranger, 1, allow apps from unknown sources 2, get on Google and download Aptoide basically third party playstore . 3, download Google go app , this will give you access to all the most popular sights but will only consume 6mb of memory. 4 , go to settings and disable every app that the phone allows , Google , YouTube etc because these applications are far to big for this level of phone once you have followed these steps the phone runs relatively smooth but like I say out of the box this phone is as much use as a brick , the bloatware unfortunately makes this phone crash .''

Quidco and TCB offers £5 cashback for any payg purchase from Carphone Warehouse, however, there is further £2.50 bonus for TCB if you spend minimum £10 before 26/08/2019 23:59:00. Hope this helps someone
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+ £5 TopCashBack
Absolutely dire phone, better off getting a brick style phone.
This phone is very poor - I've been using it for the last 3 months. The positive - with it being so slow to do anything, I only tend to use it 2 or 3 times a day. Previously I'd spend hours on my phone when I had a decent one. It can literally take 4 or 5 seconds to take a photo after I've pressed the shutter! And then the photo is rubbish quality. The phone can sometimes crash even typing a message. You can just about use Facebook if you use the Lite version, but it's not a great experience. I used up all the available memory with just a handful of apps. It's definitely better than no phone and you can get by with it if you're a basic/occasional user but it's pretty frustrating. What can you expect from something this cheap, though?
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Worst phone ever
Poor phone.
Your time and sanity are worth more than this pile of poo
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dwl9926/08/2019 07:24

Your time and sanity are worth more than this pile of po

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