Aldi | 40m Laser Distance Measure | £29.99

Aldi | 40m Laser Distance Measure | £29.99

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Found 26th Sep 2015
Measures distance, area and volume
Addition/subtraction and recall of last 20 units
Backlit LCD display
Automatic switch-off
Includes 2 Levelling Bubbles, Screwdriver, Pouch and Hand Strap
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    Bosch better

    Bosch better

    ​Really?, the Bosch ones are very light on features and range and are quite frankly overpriced.
    How is this a deal when it's just it's normal price?

    How is this a deal when it's just it's normal price?

    Watch out we've gots live one, yes folks deal identification experts do exist.
    Like all other professions, there are a few lazy apples.
    Looks good to me although not looked at Bosch alternative yet?
    3 year warranty as well

    why cold??
    this thing is rubbish stick with the Bosch first 1 broke 2nd sluggish 2 respond when pressing the buttons
    great bit of kit much cheaper than others 5 star

    This one on Amazon looks good

    This is similar to the one I have and it is excellent, ignore the Bosch snobs. These are less expensive, more feature packed and better range. Have had no issues with mine.
    Used Bosch, used Leica, used Stanley, used Makita and can't say that any were better than the Aldi version and at £30 is a bargain.
    Bought it, it doesnt work its going back, so far a waste of money
    Now £19.99 at Aldi in Nantwich.
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