Aldi 75cl glass swing top bottles fizzy juice £1.69 may be good for homebrew?

Aldi 75cl glass swing top bottles fizzy juice £1.69 may be good for homebrew?

Found 2nd Jun 2016
3 flavours available, lemonade, pink lemonade and orangeade. Thought these could be good for homebrew, buying the bottles alone is more expensive than this usually, plus you get some fizzy juice to drink too!
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But is the glass thick enough for homebrew? Would you really want to risk a dozen of these exploding all over your garage with your beloved beer flooding the floor? (_;)
Good point! I'm no homebrew expert, but they seem pretty hefty to me, weigh about 620g empty, so if that is weighty enough, perfect! Otherwise they are pretty cool looking bottles so can be used for storing other things
If the bottle is made to contain a fizzy drink they should be fine for homebrew, unless you're exceeding 8g/L carbonation sugar. That's about what you'd use for most lagers or ciders so providing your homebrew has completed primary fermentation when you bottle it there should not be a problem.
The glass bottle is thick like the ones you buy
At the very least they are good wine bottles. I wonder if they are wide enough to fit in a wine rack.
Bought the lemonade and it was pretty horrible
We bought a few of these at this time last year - to use when we made elderflower cordial. They were excellent and cheaper than buying empty bottles!
I use these for my Xmas reserve! Each batch I do I fill one for Christmas. (only way I'll ever get one conditioned for more than a month)
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