Aldi Alcafe Coffee Beans 200g £1.69

Aldi Alcafe Coffee Beans 200g £1.69

LocalFound 16th Apr 2016
Great price. Works out at £8.45 kg.

Bought some myself and tastes great. I usually order the Lavazza KG bags to keep costs down but even that works out more expensive at about £10/11.

For comparison usually a bag in a supermarket ( Taylors/Lavazza is about £3.50 (although 227g))
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nice bean
They are my choice of emergency beans but also does a job as a break between usual freshly roasted beans.
nice find op, heat added
Just started a new personal blog and as coffee is a passion of mine I have done a review of the Aldi beans:…ew/
Big problem espresso 200g packet !!!! Only weights on average 180g!!! Aldi customer service say not a problem ..... return them to store
Surely they should be trying to address the incorrect weight
Been to Aldi a few times, there are some good things. This coffee isn't one of them. I've had worse than this, but it's barely ok. Bland, dirty slightly bitter flavours, nothing approaching the kind of round rich chocolate, hazelnut, that can be found with only a little searching. At maybe 70p a pack cheaper than such alternatives (225g bags those btw), if you're not going to be the one drinking it go ahead, but the point is you buy beans to get a cup of something you'd enjoy drinking. For great flavour and much better overall value consider san francisco bay coffees, you can get them from Costco at around £9 a kilo (for organic no less!) and they're packed with (pleasant) flavours. I like their coloumbian and their rainforest organic, but the latter is really punchy so you need to be ready and in the out!
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