Aldi Bikemate - 196 lumen, 3W, CREE, USB front bike light £3.29 instore @ Aldi Walkden

Aldi Bikemate - 196 lumen, 3W, CREE, USB front bike light £3.29 instore @ Aldi Walkden

LocalFound 17th Jun 2017Edited by:"Chrisdf"
I bought on of these a month ago at full price £7 and used it off road last night.

Quick review.

Very well built, metal casing, easy to use, 6 different modes (3 steady, 3 flashing). the bracket is easy to fit and works very well.
I really did light up the until path even on the lower setting. last for a good few hours too. USB charge time is not slow either.

I popped into aldi (walkden) to get another today, it now scans at £3.29 which is a steal. I picked up another 3 for mates, there were 4/5 left.

Can't recommend it enough

note these are not park of the most recent cycling specials but seem to be slightly older (these were near some 10W cree torches)

hope this helps
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Damn.. shame my bike is missing a USB port. Voted hot anyway.
what is the battery runtime in each mode and does it state the battery capacity? There are models on ebay for similar money that claim greater luminosity but whether that's true I don't know. Definitely seems a bargain voted hot.
Just looked at the instructions.

Charge time is 3 hours
Battery size is 1050mah

Not got the time so set up a run time test.
These are very good for the money
I have 2 for two bikes brill lights!!! worth every penny!
I picked up one of these in Crewe (£4.99 ) but the casing is plastic? Same 3w cree with 196 lumens and looks the same as the photo but definitely plastic.
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