Aldi chevron or polka dot teepee £19.99

Aldi chevron or polka dot teepee £19.99

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Found 10th Sep 2016
Aldi chevron or polka dot teepee reduced to £19.99 from £39.99 as per link. Instore only and not sure if national (staff weren't sure). Found in the Romsey store where there are three blue polka dot ones left.
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Oh, thought it was for a toupee.
I need a new one and polka dot sounds catching!
Oh well!
I saw 1 blue polka dot one at this price today at aldi Leigh (wn7) if it helps anyone.
A little unrelated but here goes. A couple of years ago I kept having these horrible dreams. One night I was a wigwam and then the next, a teepee.
My wife pushed me into going to the doctor and in the end when I told him he said 'relax, you're two tents'.
"I am cornholio I need Teepee for my bung hole, you do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole for I need Teepee"
Halfords, St Albans had this larger 4 man ti-pi reduced from £80 to £20 in store 2 days ago. It is a new line, but they seemed to be clearing out stock. Could be worth a look if you want this sort of thing and gave a Halfords near by.
I bought a cream/white plain one from Hobby craft, it was £35 but got student discount. Not as good as this deal though. My nieces love it and It's a good size too and very stable. It can also be decorated, paints etc. I left it plain and put fairy lights around the door- cute.

If your after a plain one there is 15% off everything when bought online.

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