Aldi Colorful Wok £3.49

Aldi Colorful Wok £3.49

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Found 6th Sep 2016
More interesting than an normal Wok??

Size: 28cm x 7.5cm
2-layer non-stick coating
Heat resistant up to 240°C
- sradmad


Looks good to me, heat added

Let's wok n woll

I bought one of these a couple of years ago. The non stick coating comes off within days and the outer colour scrubs away too. Pay a bit extra and get a better one.

I bought one of these about 6-8 months ago, was doing a good job until I noticed loads of little bits of black in the food. Turns out it was the non-stick coating coming off the wok. I did a bit of googling and found out you shouldn't use a wok with non-stick coating as the high heat you need to stir-fry burns it off. Got me a good carbon steel wok off the Web for £12 and it's brilliant. Just have to season it first then oil it after use to stop it rusting.

wok kinda deal is this?
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