ALDI Extendable Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

ALDI Extendable Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Found 27th Mar 2016
Not expecting this to get much heat (last year the same deal managed 85 degree's, but with spring just around the corner I thought it might be helpful to share this.

I've had the shorter Florabest (LIDL) variant of this for the past 4 years and it's still going strong, despite some significant hedge abuse. Although it's not mentioned I would expect it to also come with a 3 year warranty. A similar shorter version at Homebase named as "Grizzly" hedge trimmer is an eyewatering £189!!…277
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I bought one of these last year, and it's had quite a bit of use without any issues. It works well, but is a bit on the heavy side, becoming a touch unwieldy with the extension piece in place.
It does indeed have a 3 year warranty.
Ordered thanks - have some heat (6 left online)
The wife was on at me for years to get an extendable electric pole but she was fuming when I appeared with this,
that was until she realised it was a hedge trimmer as well. Perfect she said a 2 in 1 tool, although if you've met the wife I'm certain the guarantee will be void.
Now what to get for her next birthday. Any suggestions? ( this is not an invitation for feminists to say A New Husband )
back in stock with 6 left

back in stock with 6 left

​In stock where?
I can't see anything on their website.
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