ALDI - G-Bladez Max indoor & outdoor RC helicopter -£39.99  INSTORE from 12th June

ALDI - G-Bladez Max indoor & outdoor RC helicopter -£39.99 INSTORE from 12th June

£39.99Aldi Deals
Found 10th Jun 2011
Good way to spend 40 quid I think.

This one has a gyro - dont be fooled by the cheaper ones of this stature that don't.

Description below or follow the link. These seem to have pretty good reviews. Anywhere else quoting this discounted price doesn't appear to have any in stock.

The bumf....

* This powerful helicopter has been specially designed for indoor and outdoor flights
* The helicopter has 3 channel control and built-in Gyroscope
* Precise 360° movement and smooth hovering
* Counter rotating blades provide stability and advanced flight manoeuvres within a 20m control range
* 35cm long
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There are smaller cheaper indoor helicopters, for example the excellent SYMA s107 that can be delivered for around £20 from Amazon.

Remember to compare apples with apples folks (or 'copters with 'copters in this case) and please post any other similar or better deals please, otherwise I might just have to buy this.

In hindsight perhaps I shoud l have said "choppers" above as cheeky comments appear to help the heat for some reason....
The manufacturer's website implies that this is intended more for outside use, than inside...

"This powerful helicopter has been specifically designed for use outdoors, although it can be used indoors if there is a large amount of space."

There seems to be a lack of spare parts available from their website, which would worry me a bit. The only item they list are the blades - and they're out of stock!
Cheers Ben.

Interestingly, its discounted from £90 to £70 on their webisite, implying that ALDI's is less than half price of M.R.P.

Maybe this'll get a bit more heat over night when folks are a bit more flippant about what they would spend their disposable income on after a few beers (_;)

It's a bit chilly just now though..
So this is £67.99 at clickity click

there does appear to be spares available, according to play anyway

Although the ALDI & PLAY descriptions very slightly, (one states 35cm long, the other 40cm ) the pictures are exactly the same, just mirrored, suggesting to me anyway that it is the same product.

I'm going for it.

Am I talking to myself ?

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I'm going for it.

Did you get one? If so, is it any good?
Just checked today. These helicopters are operating illegally on the 40Mhz Band. This contravines
the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive 1999/5/EC (The R&TTE Directive).
40mhz is for SURFACE use only, and should be either on 27/Mhz AM 35Mhz FM or 2.4Ghz

Doing so is against the law and can attract fine/imprisonment. No kidding.


Did you get one? If so, is it any good?

Can I tell you on father's day ?

Of course I'll not really be using it as I dont want to go to jail. I think it says these are manufactured to work on various fequencies, I'll check mine when I get home & advise what frequency it is, I thought it was 27. I used to fly rc planes and if memory serves mine are on 27mHz & 35mHz). I'm reasonably certain that I will not go to jail for playing with a toy I bought in ALDI's, despite what the law says, but thanks to Paul for quite rightly pointing out the facts.

It is in its box just now waiting to be presented to me by my kids on sunday but I daresay it'll get charged up ahead of that. It looks like pretty good quality, I expect it'll be very similar to the SYMA s107 which I have, it really looks like a bigger version of that.

It has a gyro so I expect it will be very stable, like the s107.

There are video reviews in the usual places also.

I really thought this would get a bit of heat, especially when compared to list price and the fact that play are almost twice the price, but I guess peeps are comparing this to the £15 delas that are bouncing about. Apples with apples...
OK, so I'm home now..

...and it IS 40mHz.

these shouldn't really be getting sold, should they ? I guess the ALDI purchaser missed out the legalities issue.
Oh no! I've lost my average 200degrees badge.
..sob sob...

lol X)
I've had a reply from OFCOM, and even though it is breaking the "rules", I also pointed out they are low power (10mw) to the normal 100mw. Still it's naughty, as it will still interfere with a close proximity tx/rx link. A similer event happened in France a few years ago, where an Illegal rc car on the aircraft frequency caused a large 250cc model to crash into the crowds, killing two people.

Also, as pointed out, spares are impossible to get. Crash it, break it, it's scrap. The kid next door bought a similier model, broke it, after 2 years, still waiting for a reply for spares. In the bin it goes...
His heli was from here, it flew ok, but it won't when it broke. Even the new machines this retailer sells - all out of stock!!! So it anything breaks. Tough.

This costs more, but is on 2.4 GHZ, better quality, both mechanically and electronically. And you can buy anything from a spare battery to a control board.

or a little smaller/cheaper, and more flying indoors. Again, every part is available should you need it…793

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@PaulMarsh - at three times the price, you'd kinda hope it would be better! Looking on GBladez's website, they do list a full range of spares for the 'Max, that are orderable from them and all listed as being in stock (despite the 'copter itself not being - guess they've supplied them all to Aldi!). At £40 I figure it's well worth a punt, and should be receiving one for my birthday in a week's time. Allegedly.

At £40 I figure it's well worth a punt, and should be receiving one for … At £40 I figure it's well worth a punt, and should be receiving one for my birthday in a week's time. Allegedly.

go on HovBov - push me back to zero degrees (_;)

TBH at £40 it's a disposable RC toy. I wouldn't buy spares for a kettle, I'd get a new one. Also having dabbled in RC planes for a spell and as a DIY veteran, I'm sure I'd fathom out a way to get the blighter in the air again. Just google 'there I fixed it' for some motivation.

I spent about £80 on the micro-mosquito when it came out a few years back and I considered it a huge bargain then. It's very poor compared to the current gyro generation that are significantly cheaper and sooooOOOOOO much better.

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the one I saw had 27mhz sticker on the box.
bargain at £39.95 from aldi,flys great and very powerful,downside is 1 and a half hours to charge for 5 mins of flying time,wouldent recommend flying outside though as the wind takes controll,great for indoors only,just noticed play flogging it for £ 67.99 ....happy flying the claw
OK - had a couple of flights now.

Not to bad, could do with a bit more forward/rear thrust, I tried modding the rear rotor but it didn't make a lot of difference. In fairness my MOD was half-ar$3d. ( I just increased the rotor blade sizes with fairly rigid adhesive tape over-layered. )

Pretty good for £40, I'd say not as responsive as the SYMA s107 although I was flying this one outside in what seemed like no wind, so maybe not really a fair comparison.

Well built, quite sturdy, I find that it spins a bit when trying to move forward so need to compensate with 'opposite stick' .

Not a bad wee flyer, pretty god value I'd say. I'd probably rate the 107 as more fun though as it charges up quicker, is more portable, better suited to indoors and is a wee bit more responsive.
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