Aldi Garage Shelving19.99

Aldi Garage Shelving19.99

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Look good for the price



Not bad. Does that include the stores or do I just get Aldi the name for £19.99?



The shop?????


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These are £40 at Costco

Good price. B&Q have a similar shelf for ~£50

Good, solid shelving unit for the shed or garage.

tesco had them at £10 no long ago i kitted my garage out wi them

Ikea have something similar for £8…727

That Ikea one is max 25kg per shelf, the Aldi one is nearly four times that.

The IKEA one is wafer thin metal. It's already buckled in my local.

The IKEA one is wafer thin metal. It's already buckled in my local.

The ikea ones are great for the money, got four of them in my basement and they easily hold cans of paint, drills, and all of that stuff, more than enough for most people I think.

yup,we use the ikea ones too

I paid £40 for similar thing from argos last year.

Ikea one is the right price for it . This Aldi one is a decent price for decent kit - translates Ikea one is weak as pea....

Looks the same as the B&Q one at £25.98 or £34.43 on ebay

edit: It is the same as the B&Q one, the picture on the label is the same as the picture on the B&Q site.

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Thanks op

Same thing in Wilkinsons for £12.99. OK Wilkinsons one is 1 shelf less.
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Good deal, I'm actualy after one of these.

Thanks for posting, just what I need

Thanks just what I wanted, brill, thank you for posting.

Picked up a couple today. Cheers
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