Aldi: Glen Marnoch 24yr Single Malt Whisky @ £29.99

Aldi: Glen Marnoch 24yr Single Malt Whisky @ £29.99

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Found 16th Aug 2013
I noticed this whisky yesterday at Aldi Eccles Manchester and there were only two units.

Aldi: Glen Marnoch 24yr Single Malt Whisky @ £29.99

New tasting notes from say this:

Glen Marnoch Single Malt | 40% Vol | Aged 24YO | £29.99
Nose: Creamy trifle, dairy butter scone, strawberry jelly, jacobs cream crackers,wheat
Taste: Sweet melted butter, meringue, strawberry pavlova, custard cream, ginger snap
Finish: Medium and mouth coating…ed/
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Picture would be good.
...waits for m1lfhunter's usual "its X years too old" post.....:p
Jacobs Cream Crackers......must sniff these more often.
Reviews are pretty bad
best served with 24 year old coke?
Does anyone know if this deal has been advertised in print or on the web?
I'm interested because I bought a bottle of this in 2011 and it is a continuously distilled not pot still distilled, therefore, by definition in the The Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009, this is NOT a single malt whisky (unless they have changed their source). Any advertising of it as such, has been illegal since November 2011, but paradoxically, it is still legal for them to sell it as such, I think, as long as it was bottled before the transitional provisions relating to the definition of a single malt changed.…pdf

"Transitional provisions relating to advertising and promotion
14. A person is not to be taken to have contravened, or to have failed to comply with regulation
8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 by reason of the advertising or promotion of any whisky or whisky-based drink
on or before 22nd November 2011."

Picture would be good.

What you cant read?
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