Aldi in store 50% off various items store specific

Aldi in store 50% off various items store specific

LocalFound 31st Dec 2017
Aldi have 50% lots of food today in my local store at long Eaton, I imagine this will be nationwide because of the dates. Majority with 1st and 2nd Jan on were 50% off. A few examples
Breaded fish fillets was £1.69 now 85p dated 1st Jan but can be frozen.
Closed cup mushrooms was 99p now 49p
Dated 2nd Jan.
Family chicken pie was £1.99 now 99p
Dated 31st Dec but can be frozen
BBQ chicken wings was £1.99 now 99p
Dated 2nd Jan.
1.8kg Chicken Breasts was £9.49 now £4.74
Dated 2nd Jan.
Plus a lot of others.
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I just got some bits at my local too, gammon, Cajun chicken, and 5% fat burgers. Some fruit too. Think it’s most stuff dated 1st and 2nd
Local store reduces stock which is going out of date by 50% every morning. Have a huge freezer so I always know I can fill it. Was good today because I bought a lot of stuff which was dated for the 2nd. Morrisons had some great reductions also.
Our local only reduces by 30%!
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