ALDI iPod Docking Station £24.99 @ Aldi
ALDI iPod Docking Station £24.99 @ Aldi

ALDI iPod Docking Station £24.99 @ Aldi

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Plays your favourite tunes louder, charges up the iPod, for outdoor use.

LCD alarm clock display
Wake up with alarm by iPod, radio or buzzer
Sleep control function
Radio control
Made for iPod
Clock radio/docking station for iPod/PLL tuning digital display radio
Compatible with iPod, iPod video, iPod Nano and iPod Mini
Choose from: Black, Silver or White
(ipod not included)



I bought this a few months ago when it was £19.99. The sound quality is brilliant for the price - far better than Intempo! Haven't really used it for hte clock or radio, so can't comment on these features.

I too bought one when it was £19.99 last year but took it back - an audible hum when not playing music.
Maybe I got a duff one or maybe at £5 extra they've resolved the issue?

will this work with the i touch ?????


will this work with the i touch ?????

NO it does not.

This unit is STILL for sale this week (6th March 2010) at Asda Stores under the name iMode - it is showing sold out on the website but many stores still have them - Bradford have 3 for example.

At Asda it is £30.00 but still good value for the range of functions - iPod charger, radio, amp and speakers, multi function remote, digital clock. It also has some nice added touches like a dim control for the front LED (time) and an auxiliary OUT in case you want to link it through a more powerful HiFi/Speaker setup (i.e. just use it as an iPod dock linking to your stereo).

However, and this is important, it states on the box that it is iPod Nano compatible and it definately is NOT with the 4th or 5th generation. Unfortunately it does not tell you this until you open the box and find a printed slip inside - this also states it does not work with iPod Touch/iPhone.

I tried my son's new Nano 5G anyway just in case and it is not a physical thing - the Nano will 'dock' with the fitting - but it immediately begins to behave abnormally turning off and on randomly. None of the remote functions work for the iPod and in fact one or two buttons cause a complete crash - the iPod goes black and then reboots so clearly this is a software/firmware issue on the iMode clock radio itself - i.e. the software setup on board which is used to control the iPod through its remote is no longer compatible.

I did a bit of digging and this unit has been about for several years under several names - Tevian, iMode etc - my guess is that it was designed about the time of the Nano 2 or 3 G in 2005/6 . I also found out that ASDA have now delisted it so I think that confirms the problem - the box says Nano compatible and it is not..... at least not new ones.

A great unit for the price with many functions and decent sound but only older iPods.

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